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Synonyms for apricot

Asian tree having clusters of usually white blossoms and edible fruit resembling the peach

downy yellow to rosy-colored fruit resembling a small peach

a shade of pink tinged with yellow

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A vast number of walnut and apricot trees that surrounded the area have had to be cut down over the years," said Raftis, an experienced farmer.
During its agricultural heyday 40 years ago, Moorpark had an annual harvest festival to celebrate the work done to gather and sell the fruit from local apricot trees.
Down a dusty drive, past olive, apple, and apricot trees, Carl and Susanna Gamble cultivate a flower lover's heaven on earth: nearly 2 acres of annuals, perennials, and 200 varieties of roses.
But barely a mile off the highway, you're suddenly surrounded by apricot trees, their branches bent by the weight of ripening fruit.
On peach, nectarine, apple, plum and apricot trees, thin fruit so that it will size properly.
They also wanted to keep existing citrus and apricot trees.
The West's first apricot trees grew in California's mission gardens in the 18th century.
Apricot trees in Malatya province, cherry, apple, walnut, apricot and plum trees in Isparta, apple and apricot trees in Kayseri, apple, apricot and cherry trees in Karaman and Niy-de, pear, apple, plum and peach trees in Bursa, apricot trees in KahramanmaraE-, vineyards in Manisa and several types of fruit trees in Antalya have been negatively affected by poor weather conditions, Bayraktar said.
The Bible says even in war, you're not supposed to cut down trees," said Daher, the harsh Middle Eastern sun beating down at midday as he pointed out the pile of dirt and stones at the bottom of the valley that used to be apricot trees and grape vines.
She's in her 60s and she climbs apricot trees like a monkey .
Some apricot trees had gone completely dry, he said, explaining a kind of insect and ant attacked leaves of fruit trees, especially apricot.
There awaited our twenty apple, cherry, and apricot trees eager to settle their roots in the rich soil.
We bought that, and we bought some adjacent property, and it all used to be apricot trees, and orchards, and we've got about 150 acres - and we would like to put a new campus on that, so that we can stay in Cupertino.
Along with uprooting our front lawn, they've run rampant in our hay fields and have dug them up, as well as digging up around the roots of our oak trees, some of which are more than 100 years old, along with our pecan, plum, fig, peach and apricot trees," Cantwell said.
Awad Abu Sawi, the Bethlehem director of the local Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, said that trucks showed up in the valley and dumped the trash in an area adjacent to both an Israeli settlement and a Palestinian grove of apricot trees.