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Synonyms for apricot

Asian tree having clusters of usually white blossoms and edible fruit resembling the peach

downy yellow to rosy-colored fruit resembling a small peach

a shade of pink tinged with yellow

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He feels comfortably at home recalling his hometown's apricot trees in full bloom, in the face of the rough spring in Manchuria.
There awaited our twenty apple, cherry, and apricot trees eager to settle their roots in the rich soil.
Apricot trees are better able to withstand cold winters, but because they bloom in early spring, frost often results in the tree failing to develop fruit.
We bought that, and we bought some adjacent property, and it all used to be apricot trees, and orchards, and we've got about 150 acres - and we would like to put a new campus on that, so that we can stay in Cupertino.
Along with uprooting our front lawn, they've run rampant in our hay fields and have dug them up, as well as digging up around the roots of our oak trees, some of which are more than 100 years old, along with our pecan, plum, fig, peach and apricot trees," Cantwell said.
Awad Abu Sawi, the Bethlehem director of the local Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, said that trucks showed up in the valley and dumped the trash in an area adjacent to both an Israeli settlement and a Palestinian grove of apricot trees.
There are now poppy seeds in the main herb border, in amongst patches of perennial shrubs and flowers, poppy seeds on either side of footpaths, underneath plum and apricot trees, liberally scattered in a permanent bed of thyme, mixed in with sweet Williams, sown in between clumps of foxgloves and hollyhocks, some in the garlic patch, around the potato bed, edging the area intended for beans and, as there were still some left to disperse, in patches here, there and everywhere I could think of and some places I hadn't thought of but happened to be convenient.
By the way, don't use sulfur-containing products on apricot trees.
AoI think we are coming to the end of a 10-year cycle of drought,Ao said Grant, 48, as he drove a visitor out among his apricot trees.
He's also taken time to complete several century road bike races with one of his sons and grows apple, peach, pear, cherry and apricot trees on five acres of property.
Although Constantinou does not live in Stroumbi, he bought land there in 1980 containing six apricot trees and six oak trees.
Nestled in a flat fertile agricultural plain north-west of Beit Lahiya, it had lemon groves, orange and apricot trees and we had recently acquired 60 dairy cows.
A swimming pool and pool house with shower, changing and cloak rooms, nestle in a secluded walled courtyard decked with espaliered peach and apricot trees.
This is the time when apple, pear or apricot trees or Forsythias and roses can break bud under unusually high temperatures that may hit 30[degrees]C (86[degrees]F).