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Asian tree having clusters of usually white blossoms and edible fruit resembling the peach

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The line continues in two directions: first, from the mouth of the dragon rock to the tiny "dragon feeler"-like bamboo tree that tilts right to reach the left-leaning branch of the apricot tree and, second, from Yingying's feet to the small "crown's horn"-like rocks and on toward the apricot tree's left-leaning branch.
Apricot trees are better able to withstand cold winters, but because they bloom in early spring, frost often results in the tree failing to develop fruit.
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Her determinatio to get rid of 78 squirrels eating up the apricot tree and her investigations into how to stop her parents' separation make for realistic yet fun reading.
All summer long I battled successive invasions by the marauding black squirrels that lived in the graceful apricot tree outside our window.
The bomb enters, as does "I" and love; the apricot of the opening returns, gathering new resonances--"somewhere a wild apricot tree stands still for a moment"--and the poem opens out into a series of tangentially interlocking mediations.
I planted the apricot tree 13 years ago when it was a bare stick as tall as myself.
When we moved in, the apple trees and apricot tree were infested with insects but when we stopped using poisons, the birds returned and took care of the insects.
It would be nice if it turned out to be The Year of the Plum Tree or The Year of the Apricot Tree.
This tree is now thought to have been an apricot tree, and the "golden apples" mentioned in the Song of Solomon are thought to be apricots.
In the last three years we have also planted 100 pine trees for a windbreak, 100 Lombardy poplar trees, one apricot tree, four apple trees, one cherry, two pear, two peach, and a large asparagus bed.
Beth Uyehara of Reseda sent an e-mail about a jacaranda tree planted last October that is ``as tall as our mature apricot tree but looks like a pole with short leafy branchlets coming out all around it.
Also, we have an apricot tree that, in the past six years, has given fruit only once and a peach tree that needs help.
The raiders even slipped over to the equally pampered apricot tree and disappeared with every last still-green fruit.