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for Chinese dishes: apricot preserves and chutney

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The small food menu includes items such as, mini veal skewers flavoured with spicy apricot sauce and a goat cheese and marinated strawberry salad, picked straight from the SEK?
Thyme lollipops might go nicely with some fresh apricot sauce.
The Apricot-Mango flavor is combined with yogurt and shot through with an apricot sauce and pieces of apricot, while the Strawberry flavor likewise contains yogurt and is similarly shot through with strawberry sauce and whole strawberries.
These unique and gourmet level dishes range from Cherry and Goat Cheese Strudel; Creamy Garlic Soup; Etta's Cornbread Pudding; and Chocolate-Chocolate Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Sauce; to Baked French Toast with Blueberries; Apple Charlotte with Apricot Sauce, from the White House; Parmesan Cheese Sticks; and Chickpeas with Toasted Bread and Hummus.
chef Chris Chown loves using Welsh ingredients like Penderyn single malt (left) in his recipes, like this Christmas bara brith pud with whisky ice cream and apricot sauce (above)
Ranch dressing, spicy apricot sauce and a six-pack of varied barbecue sauces complete the serving.
She favours the confit of duck leg with spiced red cabbage, pancetta and chestnuts with a sage and apricot sauce.
It comprises delicious chunks of vegetables and pulses in a Moroccan inspired spicy apricot sauce.
In Ian's kitchen, fruit and vegetables are king from bread and butter pudding made with lots of extra plumped up dried fruits to apricot sauce made by gently warming good quality soaked dried apricots with brown sugar to serve in large dollops with slices of ginger cake.
The October menu will feature pork loin with apricot sauce, rolls, German potato salad, glazed carrots, apple bars.
Better Homes and Gardens has suggestions for make-ahead nibblers such as mini gruyere puffs that can be made a month ahead and frozen, or mini meatballs in a tangy apricot sauce that can be re-warmed in a slow cooker during cocktail hour.
My companion's roasted apricot French toast, champagne sabayon and apricot sauce was a very pale affair with little connection to any of the advertised ingredients if flavour was the benchmark.