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inability to make purposeful movements

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La apraxia, expuso la doctora Pamela Bass, especialista en terapia de lenguaje, tiene que ver con el sistema nervioso y con los musculos del habla trabajando juntos.
57) As we have seen, however, Descartes claims that ancient skeptics are vulnerable to the apraxia argument.
Se mantienen las alteraciones de la movilidad gruesa ataxia, apraxia, se observa hiperreflexia, aumento del tono muscular y deambula con ayuda, estas son las caracteristicas clinicas que se observan en el Estadio III del sindrome de Rett.
Despues viene la apraxia, "que es cuando los movimientos cotidianos, las funciones aprendidas se olvidan.
Some of the most common perceptual problems after a stroke are apraxia, unilateral neglect, and spatial relation disturbances.
The communication problems that are common after a left CVA are aphasia, apraxia, agnosia, and dysarthria; after a right CVA they are right hemisphere communication impairment (RHCI) and dysarthria; and after a brain stem stroke they are various types of dysarthria.
other disturbances of higher cortical function, such as aphasia (disorder of language), apraxia (inability to carry out motor activities despite intact comprehension and motor function), agnosia (failure to recognize or identify objects despite intact sensory function), and "constructional difficulty" (e.
ATLANTA -- Lingraphica today introduced a family of therapy apps for downloading to Apple iPads that feature proprietary content, media and learning methods to help adults with aphasia and apraxia regain basic skills that facilitate restoration of speech comprehension and expression.
Cerebellar function was abnormal and showed nystagmus, ocular apraxia, intention tremor, past-pointing and dysdiadochokinesis.
Screening and attention to cognitive impairment, limb apraxia, and hemispatial neglect should be part of stroke rehabilitation, they noted.
When our daughter Penelope was diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech at the age of 3 we were discouraged to find out how expensive speech therapy cost, so imagine our relief when we were approved for a UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation grant that enabled us to get all the help she needed," said parents Caroline and Robert Belliveau of Revere, Mass.
Alem de acometer a funcao da memoria, a demencia deve demonstrar a producao de outra perturbacao cognitiva, como afasia (decrescimo das funcoes de linguagem), apraxia (dano na capacidade de realizar atividades motoras), agnosia (dificuldade para reconhecer ou identificar objetos) ou uma alteracao da funcao executiva (habilidade de pensar de maneira abstrata e programar, iniciar, sequenciar, acompanhar e cessar um comportamento complexo) [3].
Es importante identificar la ausencia de afasia, apraxia y agnosia, ya que la presencia de esto podria indicar demencia cortical tipo enfermedad de Alzheimer [9].
Speech & Language: Articulation Disorders - Expressive Disorders - Oral-Motor Difficulties - Resonance/Voice Disorders - Pronunciation Difficulties - Communication Difficulties - Communication impairments related to Autism Spectrum Disorders - Receptive and/or expressive language delay - Articulation disorder - Speech and language impairments due to hearing loss - Fluency disorders/stuttering - Voice disorders - Childhood Apraxia of Speech - Social skills/pragmatic language impairments motor skills for children
The topics include normal vowel development, the acoustic measurement of vowels, recurring patterns and idiosyncratic systems in some English children with vowel disorders, vowel production in childhood and acquired apraxia of speech, vowel perception in listeners with cochlear implants, and the clinical phonology of vowel disorders.