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On average, we see the mobile broadband traffic approximatively doubling every year globally, with the same trend also seen in MEA.
Manufacturing and delivery of approximatively 1,550 kilometres of fibre optic cable which will facilitate bi-directional communication feed from the pipeline and associated assets, such as compressor stations and block valve stations, to the supervisory control center.
So the indices in each hash table of DOMIH are more approximatively uniformly distributed than that in MIH and DDMIH.
Therefore, many physical laws function approximatively (see [5]).
Hencl, Isometrical embeddings of separable Banach spaces into the set of nowhere approximatively differentiable and nowhere Holder functions, Proc.
1(b), whereas the target histogram seems to fit to the Gaussian distribution approximatively.
At the level of leaves of each sampled tree, 4 leaves were collected from both northern and southern cardinal direction each at approximatively 1.
can be separated from the previously known species of the whole genus in having the approximatively triangular and curved apically inferior volsella; E.
From what I hear from Sennheiser Middle East, the retail price on the MKH8060 would be approximatively $1400.
EXMAR will make a book profit of approximatively USD 4.
Although the sampling and interpolation procedures do not commute with imposing causality, this is approximatively true and we will include the concept of causality here by changing the formula for x(t) into
The analysis of the capital structure of the enterprises listed at BVB between underlines that the main financing source is represented by ownership equity having an approximatively 58% weight, the rest of the capitals coming from external sources, especially from stock emission and long-term and short-term bank loans.