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not quite exact or correct

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In the sentences used by female executors, the approximative adjectives are used in 15 cases, which are summarized in Table (5).
18 Table 5: The approximative throughput in Gbits/s for MTGP11213 (Mersenne Twister for Graphic Processor) and CURAND (NVIDIA CUDA Random Number Generation library).
Vu les restrictions du regime en ce qui concernait l'impression et la diffusion des livres, les lectures de jeunesse de LF l'avaient familiarise avec la litterature liee a la magie et a l'esoterisme seulement d'une maniere tres approximative.
Mundurucu is a language with only approximative numbers," Pierre Pica of the National Centre for Scientific Research in France told BBC News.
It is necessary for DNA computation to expand its algorithmic techniques, incorporate approximative and probabilistic algorithms and heuristics, so that the solution of large instances of NP complete problems will be possible.
Overall, his view of mathematics in economics is that: "Formal rigor is of little value if it is accompanied by a serious distortion of the true nature of reality, and it is better to have an approximative theory that corresponds to actual reality than a formally rigorous theory that can only be built by seriously distorting the facts" (Ibid.
An approach based on aggregation is also followed in [6], where a fixed solution is assumed for the diagonal blocks associated with hosts, thereby resulting in a faster but approximative method.
Being very hard to find an exact solution, approximative solutions were searched.
However, at present the partially reconstructed Holocene climate of the Middle Niger and Azawad basin does not have enough resolution to be of much application to the archaeological record beyond approximative relationships between climate and society.
In colloquial language, however, the geometry of the syncretic patterns is not completely stable and there is some allomorphism in the approximative n-set of local cases.
Si l'on utilise la diversite ethnique comme mesure approximative de la diversite linguistique, il se peut qu'un enfant ALS tres expose a des langues diverses ait plus de facilite a comprendre et a communiquer dans d'autres langues que sa langue maternelle, notamment en anglais.
There are also adpositions and case markers based on a notion of approximation ('towards'), like the versative case markers in Tsez (also called approximative, orientative, adversive, see Haspelmath [2006]).
For the noisy intensity measured at detector location % under rotation angle y one obtains the approximative formula
Le monde des MMORPG est donc ne d'un syncretisme force, d'une transculturalite approximative ; il continue d'evoluer avec les prolongements bricoles, denses et semble-t-il inepuisables des editeurs (patchs d'extension, novellisations).