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Synonyms for approximative

not quite exact or correct

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Dariescu, "Approximative analytic study of fermions in magnetar's crust; ultra-relativistic plane waves, Heun and Mathieu solutions and beyond," Astrophysics and Space Science, vol.
In the meantime, the slopes of these curves are approximative.
GC-MS Approximative Quantification of FAMEs in Biodiesel Produced by Both Chemical and Biological Transesterification.
These results show that under some appropriate conditions the numerical approximative random periodic orbits of SDEs are close to the true ones and shadowing distance can be well estimated.
Cela vient fragiliser le travail des neuropsychologues cliniciens qui ne parviennent a anticiper que de maniere approximative l'impact des deficits cognitifs sur les activites professionnelles.
Best approximative properties of hyperplanes or subspaces in general, of Banach spaces are closely related to structure of the unit ball and its exposed faces and study of geometric structure of the unit ball in view of this link, is not new [2].
The first group is represented by Southern Udmurt dialects: in many of them the approximative and the terminative cases have been or are being replaced by PPs ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1998a: 117-118), apparently due to their low frequency.
It is hard to solve the complex CEP equation precisely, so some approximative expressions are adopted in practical applications with different assumptions [2].
It is very natural to ask in which Banach spaces metric projection [P.sub.c] is upper semicontinuous and C is not approximative compact.
L'organisation meme des memoires sous la forme d'un journal (dont la datation--bien qu'elle suggere une precision factologique--est reconstituee selectivement, tout en s'averant approximative et <<labyrinthique>>) revele les zones de l'indicible, car le trajet carceral ne pourrait jamais etre restitue entierement a l'aide d'une telle espece discursive.
Under the situation of the approximative effects, the time consumption of the generation of the Gaussian Quantization Matrix is only one tenth of that of the Lloyd Quantization Matrix.
Approximative integration of the field equations of gravitation.
However, one may usually formulate equilibrium only in an implicit way and by making use of approximative solution algorithms.
*US$ conversions are approximative on the date of this release.
His scholarly career took him via stopovers in former Yugoslavia to Romania and Hungary, where his work on approximative systems left permanent traces in the research literature.