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near to the scope or range of something

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lt;p>The human ear, in the right environment, can detect a whisper across the length of a couple of football fields, which is roughly one to five decibels (1dB-5dB), while normal conversation takes place at an approximate range of 30 to 50dB.
Specific topics include face recognition in historical photographs indexing, crop type recognition based on hidden Markov models of plant phenology, synchronizing video cameras with non-overlapping fields of view, detection under occlusion in multiple camera views, occlusion handling for object tracking, structural matching of two-dimensional electrophoresis cells, efficient color modulation, benchmarks for quantitative evaluation of assisted object segmentation models, bilateral asymmetry analysis of MRIs, three dimensional rigid registration of images, tradeoffs in approximate range searching, a parallel multi-view rendering architecture, and high quality image and reconstruction of models.
The approximate range of the system is eight to 12 nautical miles.
Table 1 shows the approximate range of generation costs projected for these sources.
The 47 apartments designated as low-income will rent for between $427 and $1,007 a month, depending on the number of bedrooms; the 31 apartments with middle-income designation will rent for between $1,680 and $2,334, depending on the number of bedrooms; and the 79 market-rate apartments will rent for an approximate range of between $1,600 for a studio and $4,100 for a three-bedroom unit with a terrace.
It was agreed that, by making use of the rate of year-on-year change in the consumer price index to describe the understanding, an approximate range between zero and two percent was generally consistent with the distribution of each Board member's understanding of medium- to long-term price stability.
fuel tank provides an approximate range of up to 550 miles and top speed is limited to a maximum of 25 mph so it qualifies as a low speed vehicle (LSV).
Most, if not all, blood services found that their unit process costs for testing were similar to those for split-processing, whereas the unit costs for raw material collection were two to three times greater--ie, in the approximate range of(C / 2 = T = S) to (C / 3 = T = S).
1])] would represent an approximate range of the plausible values of Y.
These track gates can be used to determine the approximate range to a target on the basis of standard target form sizes.
An identified need of bermudagrass cold hardiness research is the identification of germplasm representing the approximate range of variation for the trait and having the capability of being intercrossed to produce segregating genetic populations.
Estimates are based on the approximate range at the 95% confidence level of relative sampling error.
Given this conclusion, an approximate range of value is $450,000 to $550,000 ($1,250,000 x .
Production unit pricing will be in the approximate range of 0.
Since the radiated power of EW threat signals is typically known, the received power allows calculation of the approximate range to the emitter, determining the full emitter location.
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