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near to the scope or range of something

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Table 1 shows the approximate range of generation costs projected for these sources.
The 47 apartments designated as low-income will rent for between $427 and $1,007 a month, depending on the number of bedrooms; the 31 apartments with middle-income designation will rent for between $1,680 and $2,334, depending on the number of bedrooms; and the 79 market-rate apartments will rent for an approximate range of between $1,600 for a studio and $4,100 for a three-bedroom unit with a terrace.
It was agreed that, by making use of the rate of year-on-year change in the consumer price index to describe the understanding, an approximate range between zero and two percent was generally consistent with the distribution of each Board member's understanding of medium- to long-term price stability.
Most, if not all, blood services found that their unit process costs for testing were similar to those for split-processing, whereas the unit costs for raw material collection were two to three times greater--ie, in the approximate range of(C / 2 = T = S) to (C / 3 = T = S).
1])] would represent an approximate range of the plausible values of Y.
These track gates can be used to determine the approximate range to a target on the basis of standard target form sizes.
Given this conclusion, an approximate range of value is $450,000 to $550,000 ($1,250,000 x .
Production unit pricing will be in the approximate range of 0.
The contract value is in the approximate range between $140 million and $170 million, depending on services.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that he welcomed the decision of the Ministry of Income and Fees to eliminate the so-called two lists of taxation: the list of taxation to insiders and the list to outsiders who are not included into the approximate range.
The Zero S has an approximate range of 89 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 88 miles per hour.
Founded in 2011 by former Google intern Joseph Huang, WiFiSlam uses compass and Wi-Fi network information from your smartphone to pinpoint your indoor location within an approximate range of 2.
The following table states the approximate range of the collar and percentage of fuel-price-related earnings exposure:
The budget is established in an approximate range of EUR 2 million (including VAT) per year including agency fees.
The new EC7-EV model will offer both medium-range (with a driving range of 165km per charge) and long-range options (an approximate range of 258km per charge).
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