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in an approving manner

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Now, that is what I call real cleverness," said the Scarecrow, approvingly.
An excellent suggestion," said the Woggle-Bug, approvingly.
Nikita nodded approvingly as he arranged the reins.
Very good, Polly, you are getting on fast," whispered Tom, patting his yellow kids approvingly.
Letterblair nodded approvingly at an excess of caution worthy of the best New York tradition, and the young man, glancing at his watch, pleaded an engagement and took leave.
Which is very sensible," declared the Wizard, nodding approvingly.
The index had surged in recent months, with President Donald Trump often referring approvingly to its rise.
It reinvents the standard for entertainment television, shot in a style that would make Spielberg nod approvingly without losing the personality of the three stars, complete with near-the-knuckle gags and relentless banter.
KA's decision, say many of the punditry, may hurt her in the general election (save those who think of him as a "role model"), since the devoted Trumpetry have not reacted approvingly.
Byline: Jane Costello recently with a few she liked at the approvingly, of Mr me In first
SIR - Am I the only reader to have noticed approvingly the transformation of Cardiff Wales Airport since its acquisition by the Welsh government?
In Karpos there is huge interest in gasification as evidenced by the conducted opinion poll in which 88 percent of 22,000 legal and physical entities responded approvingly.
The two actors could be seen pointing towards the shore, talking amongst themselves as they looked approvingly at the beach bodies on display under the Miami sun, the Daily Mail reported.
Dad Brian looked on approvingly, no doubt with his own Best Man, Gordon.
The Scottish National party quotes Robert Burns approvingly in its statement that "rocks will melt with the sun" before a Scottish student pays a penny in tuition fees.