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in an approving manner

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A master-beggar art thou,' purred the priest approvingly.
When Mowgli came to the White Cobra's last words, the Panther purred approvingly.
Beebe to himself, and struck the saddle of his bicycle approvingly, "It was the one foolish thing she ever did.
And she nods her head approvingly and trots off to advertise my opinion to the rest of the household.
Letterblair nodded approvingly at an excess of caution worthy of the best New York tradition, and the young man, glancing at his watch, pleaded an engagement and took leave.
The clear, cold sunshine glances into the brittle woods and approvingly beholds the sharp wind scattering the leaves and drying the moss.
Stringer nodded his head approvingly, and for a time they continued to regard the swelling bulks with expressions that had changed from indifference to disapproval.
Pierre listened to the colonel's speech and nodded approvingly.
She held out the stocking and looked at it approvingly.
Which is very sensible," declared the Wizard, nodding approvingly.
Quite poetical," commented the Scarecrow, nodding his head approvingly.
That's the idea, Scraps," said the Glass Cat, approvingly.
Nikita listened, watched their faces, and evidently would have liked to share in the conversation, but he was too busy drinking his tea and only nodded his head approvingly.
So am I, for it strikes me that is an uncommonly 'nobby' little affair," he said approvingly.
As she uttered this criticism, she glanced approvingly at her small mirror, as who should say, I thank my stars that can't be said of me