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Synonyms for approve

approve of something or someone


Synonyms for approve

to be favorably disposed toward

to accept officially

Synonyms for approve

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December 6, 1995: the FDA approves saquinavir (Invirase) in a record 97 days.
The FDA approves the chemotherapy agent doxorubicin liposome injection (Doxil) for the treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) in patients with AIDS whose disease has progressed on prior chemotherapy or in patients who cannot tolerate these other chemotherapy agents.
Because the salaries of City Council members are tied by the City Charter to compensation given the judges, council salaries could automatically leap from $98,069 to $107,390 - if the state Judicial Council approves raises for Los Angeles judges on April 24.
The Los Angeles City Council's pay will jump by more than $9,000 if the state Judicial Council approves a pay raise for municipal court judges on April 24.
It approves AZT for the purpose of treating patients with HIV, or excimer lasers for the purpose of performing certain procedures to correct nearsightedness.
Now suppose that when the FDA approves the drug-administration device for marketing, it also approves the software in every detail.
The FDA approves drugs for treating specific indications only, and there are many reasons why a drug might not have been approved for treating a particular condition, Stafford said.
If the Court approves the Settlement, WorldPort will undertake a merger (the "Merger") whereby an entity controlled by Heico Holding, Inc.
Leading New York Hospital Approves Protocol for First National
Therefore, if a majority of the outstanding shares approves Proposal 2, the proposal to open-end the Fund will pass.
These amendments will also pass if a majority of the outstanding shares approves Proposal 2.
Army Corps of Engineers approves the project, executing these contracts now will save time when we are authorized to begin construction," stated Chairman Edmonds.
Although no work will be performed and no spending will be authorized until and unless the corps approves the project, beginning the process now of advertising for and receiving CSPs, bids, and quotes will save time and money when we are authorized to begin construction.
Through its "Yes, Tested and Approved" compatibility certification program, Novell tests and approves third-party products as compatible with Novell's product line.
Note to Editors: The Alberta Stock Exchange neither approves nor disapproves the information contained herein.