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Synonyms for approve

approve of something or someone


Synonyms for approve

to be favorably disposed toward

to accept officially

Synonyms for approve

References in classic literature ?
I dare say that I may, notwithstanding the danger, if upon reflection I approve of any of them.
Lastly, consider it is a passion which I highly approve.
She had forgotten one that was watching her with sad, beautiful, stern eyes--the only one there was to approve or condemn what she did.
But that was not inexcusable; for she had always thought he was Henry VIII, and she did not approve of him.
They would fain be dead, and we should approve of their wish
He did not distinguish what sort of love his might be, big or little, passionate or passionless, lasting or passing (he kept a ballet girl himself, though he was the father of a family, so he was lenient in these matters), but he knew that this love affair was viewed with displeasure by those whom it was necessary to please, and therefore he did not approve of his brother's conduct.
I accept your congratulations with pride, and I am glad you approve.
Why, I don't unreservedly approve, my dear Mr Merdle.
The FDA approves the nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI), lamivudine (Epivir, 3TC), by accelerated approval.
5 percent or $9,000 increase - if an obscure state panel approves a raise as expected for Municipal Court judges.
Imperfection has never sat well with the FDA, which gets a great deal of bad publicity if something it approves hurts someone but none at all if someone dies because of regulatory delay.
If the full board of the American Academy of Pediatrics approves the infectious disease committee's statement, physicians will have to choose between the Academy's view and that of the CDC as they decide whether to administer Hib vaccinations.
The timing and amount of any cash distribution will be dependent on, among other things, whether the Court approves the settlement, whether there is an appeal of any order approving the settlement, how and when the class action lawsuits are finally resolved, and the amount of Triton's expenses prior to any distribution date.
The FDA approves drugs for treating specific indications only, and there are many reasons why a drug might not have been approved for treating a particular condition, Stafford said.
If the Court approves the Settlement, WorldPort will undertake a merger (the "Merger") whereby an entity controlled by Heico Holding, Inc.