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Synonyms for approved

Synonyms for approved

established by authority


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82 commercial property plans were approved for the period of January to the end of August this year, an increase compared to the 57 plans that were approved at the same time in 2013 IJG reported.
Jack Niemann's Black Forest Steakhouse was recently approved to sell spirits/ beer/wine in a restaurant and lounge at 638 Peace Portal Drive, Blaine, WA 98230 (new application).
If the provider cannot give you one, the course has not been approved and, unless NALA or NFPA will grant credit, you will not get continuing education credit for taking the course.
His counsel was heard; while CoGS approved to give Letting Down the Nets a new lease on life and infuse it with funds from General Synod, it deferred action.
Another newly approved drug is Macugen, an intraocular Injectable for treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration.
Even though the project was previously approved, the district must update its application to take into account changes in fire alarm regulations and other changes in standards, Summerbell said.
1995 invirase is the first protease inhibitor approved for treatment; the era of combination therapy begins
In addition to two approved products, Cangene now has three products that have been submitted for regulatory review, and a significant clinical trial program including human growth hormone, which is nearing regulatory submission.
organized a March 29-30, 2004 conference in Gaborone, Botswana to try to build international consensus that the generic versions, already in use by tens of thousands of patients in many countries, were not reliable and needed additional testing--which would have undermined the WHO Prequalification Project and the low-cost medicines it had approved.
Of the 13 approved initiatives, 10 are Army only and the other three are recommended for submission to the DoD BIC for review, as they may have benefits that could be extended across all the military services.
On one side, they've been pushed to defang the FDA: In 1994, after complaining about the spiraling costs involved in getting a drug approved by the agency, pharmaceutical companies convinced Congress to pass legislation forcing the FDA to approve drugs more quickly.
3 of the bylaws (which currently allows for automatic discipline as a result of certain criminal or income tax related violations or state board of accountancy actions) if the member has been sanctioned by a governmental agency or other organization that has been approved by the PEEC and the AICPA Board of Directors.
On the basis of all the facts of record, and subject to the commitments made by Bank and its parents, as well as the terms and conditions set forth in this order, Bank's application to establish an agency should be, and hereby is, approved.
com), most people go shopping, fall in love with a house, and subsequently, try to get approved for a loan.
Students were asked whether they approved or disapproved of laws that would do the following: