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Synonyms for approved

Synonyms for approved

established by authority


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In Sindh 80 out of total 327 have been approved, while 69 out of 410 from KPK were approved.
In these colonies five out of seven colonies were legally not approved.
Ahsan Iqbal directed that projects should be completed within the given time, approved cost and resources.
Sofa 3 Seater approved design & brand etc all complete job.
According to IJG, a total of 330 residential units have been approved year-to-date, up 2.
Chilli Mexican Grill was recently approved to sell spirits/beer/wine in a restaurant and service bar at 1317 W.
As you know, The Florida Bar does not approve courses for paralegals after the fact--the course has to be approved before you take it.
When it was approved at General Synod in 2004 and as recently as its Autumn 2006 newsletter, Letting Down the Nets was described as self-funding, supported by funding from dioceses and other organizations.
Three senior citizens residences in Brooklyn that are in need of repair were approved for $20.
One of the new entrants recently approved by the FDA is prescription sleep aid Lunesta.
1987 AZT is the first medication approved to treatment HIV
WinRho(R)SDF was approved in the United Kingdom in 1999.
Instead, they were approved by the World Health Organization's well-regarded WHO Prequalification Project, based on bioequivalence data submitted by the companies--the same way generic medicines are approved for U.
Brownlee, has approved 13 new business initiatives as part of the Army Business Initiatives Council (ABIC), a process designed to identify and implement business reform actions.