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Synonyms for approve

approve of something or someone


Synonyms for approve

to be favorably disposed toward

to accept officially

Synonyms for approve

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In order to approve an application by a foreign bank to establish branches in the United States, the IBA and Regulation K require the Board to determine that the foreign bank applicant engages directly in the business of banking outside of the United States and has furnished to the Board the information it needs to assess the application adequately.
Such scrutiny guaranteed front-page coverage for Waxman and his Naderite allies and gave the FDA big incentives to approve as few new drugs and devices as possible.
And, we have a major bond issue on the ballot that we are asking voters to approve.
An open-ended assessment is a dangerous option to approve,'' Ledford said.
We heard from 30 residents after the court ordered the city to approve the street-improvement plans submitted by the developer,'' Parks said.
After periodic debate for eight years, the Moorpark City Council voted in August to approve the Hidden Creek Ranch project in the northeast area of the city.
Joyce Streator, the commission chairwoman, said the panel was pressed against a deadline to approve the maps before the end of this year.
Do you approve or disapprove of the job Bill Clinton is doing as president?
Board member David Tokofsky voted against the expenditure, saying he could not approve the money for training because the selection of reading consultants had been done in a ``haphazard manner.
If Los Angeles voters approve four more tax measures proposed for the November ballot, the number of special taxes and assessments on the average Los Angeles resident's property tax bill will increase from 16 to 20 - some of them involving multiple billings for the same kind of service.
The mayor and City Council would have to approve placing the measures before voters.
If the Judicial Council doesn't approve the coordination plan, the pay raises would not take effect, but the panel likely will approve the plan because it was recommended by the committee, said Municipal Court Judge John Meigs, chairman of the Municipal Court Judges Association.