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Synonyms for approve

approve of something or someone


Synonyms for approve

to be favorably disposed toward

to accept officially

Synonyms for approve

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resolved to approve the Board of Directors' proposal of an option plan for employees of Enea TekSci, Inc.
A copy of the summary report of confirmed thrombotic cardiovascular events from the APPROVe off-drug extension, which was shared with regulatory agencies, is attached and available by visiting: The VIOXX Information Center on www.
Do you strongly approve, moderately approve, moderately disapprove or strongly disapprove of the decision in the House to hold hearings to determine whether Bill Clinton should be impeached?
Because the salaries of City Council members are tied by the City Charter to compensation given the judges, council salaries could automatically leap from $98,069 to $107,390 - if the state Judicial Council approves raises for Los Angeles judges on April 24.
To approve an amendment to the employment agreement of the Company's CEO to permit a bonus equal to the CEO's salary for up to nine months, beginning with the year 2005.
This exception provides that, if the Board is unable to find that a foreign bank seeking to establish a branch, agency, or commercial lending company is subject to comprehensive supervision or regulation on a consolidated basis by the appropriate authorities in its home country, the Board may nevertheless approve an application by such foreign bank if:
According to information release 97-46, all proposed seizures must be approved by an IRS district collection division chief In addition, district directors must approve all seizures that involve a taxpayer's residence, its contents or perishable goods.
The FDA doesn't just approve, say, AZT or excimer lasers.
Section 505(b)(2) allows the FDA to approve a drug on the basis of data in the scientific literature or data previously cited by the FDA as the basis for the approval of related drugs.
The executive council (ECUSA's governing body between General Conventions) did not approve the increase without questions from some members about whether the ACC had justified its request for money.
Manufacturers press us all the time to approve their products, especially since we put our approvals out onto the Internet," added McDonough.
Approved proposed additions and revisions to the Uniform Accountancy Act exposure draft, which at press time the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy Board of Directors was expected to approve.
In the nine years it took the FDA to approve the calcium claim and the three years it took to approve the folic acid claim, thousands of people suffered from osteoporosis and thousands of babies were born with neural-tube defects.
Inspire can make no assurance that the FDA or the Canadian regulatory authorities will approve AzaSite or, if approved, the timing of such approval.
The council was under pressure then to formally approve security-related construction plans at the airport to help it meet the Dec.