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someone who takes for his or her own use (especially without permission)

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On Thursday, in a letter to Administrator Charles Bolden, Fattah who is the lead Democratic Appropriator for NASA, has also called on the space agency to provide the expertise of its scientists and engineers to help Boeing get to the bottom of the Dreamliner's battery problem.
because the appropriator is not legally entitled to the conserved water.
We can try to force this scenario into an appropriation matrix by attempting to put our morally conscientious servant in the role of an appropriator.
Each appropriator compares the expected net benefits of continuing to harvest under a situation with no rules (or, if contemplating a reform within the structures of existing rules) with the benefits he or she expects to achieve under a new set of rules.
Intent: An appropriator must intend to use the water.
Monitors, who actively audit CPR conditions and appropriator behavior, are accountable to the appropriators or are the appropriators.
Chapter 3, "Analyzing Long-enduring, Self-organized, and Self-governed CPRs," examines the field setting of institutions that have evolved to manage CPRs, appropriator behavior in those systems, and the monitoring rules that have developed.
And like many of his contemporaries he is an appropriator for whom styles exist as ready-made opportunities for sophisticated play--although it is clear that Dunham is playing for keeps.
The association has the ear of at least one appropriator, Rep.
Amplifying the effects of De Palma's constant doubling, he appropriates the work of the master appropriator.