appropriation bill

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a legislative act proposing to authorize the expenditure of public funds for a specified purpose

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Emphatically, any government that is scheduled to round off its tenure in May 29 has no business with appropriation bill for the residual periods of the year.
The Union government defended its decision stating that the Appropriation bill was not passed in the Assembly as the Congress government did not have the majority after nine Congress MLAs defected.
Dr Abati said the consultations on the appropriation bill were in the best interest of the country.
Communication Minister and Government Spokesperson Mostapha El Khalafi told the press following the weekly government meeting that Baraka said the new appropriation bill targets a growth rate of 4.
The latter maintained that the second reading of the appropriation bill allowed the members of the Lower House to further debate on some of the bill's provisions and measures, notably those introduced by the Upper House.
In the Senate Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies appropriation bill, the Department of Transportation would receive $100.
The appropriation bill provides $38,062,000 to cover subrogation claims, with administrative costs not to exceed 5 percent.
977), the Pennsylvania Supreme Court noted that an objectionable practice for which the item veto was a remedy concerned the placement of riders in appropriation bills so as to "coerce the executive to approve obnoxious legislation or bring the wheels of the government to a stop for want of funds.
The "New Hampshire Forest Management Initiatives Act of 1988," passed in conjunction with the appropriation bill last session, earmarked $5.
As of the beginning of August, the House had passed the appropriation bill with the $25 million in research and development funds but without the $10 million in construction funds.
This is the second consecutive year that funding was included in the DoD's appropriation bill at the request of South Dakota's Senator, Tom Daschle.
The 2018 Federal Government's Appropriation Bill currently undergoing debate on the floor of National Assembly may have come under threat as former president, Civil Liberty Organisation (CLO), Dr Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), on Wednesday threatened to approach the court to stop its passage if within seven days President Muhammadu Buhari did not withdraw the document, describing it as unconstitutional.
The House of Advisors (upper house) approved the 2017 appropriation bill on Thursday during a public session, held in order to examine and vote on the second part of this bill.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco's 2011 appropriation bill foresees creating 18,802 jobs and reducing the administration operating expenses, Economy and Finance Minister Salaheddine Mezouar said on Wednesday.
Summary: Morocco's 2011 appropriation bill forecasts a growth rate of 5%, an inflation rate of less than 2% and a budget deficit of 3.