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in an appropriate manner

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Some remembrance of old Valentines, wherein a cherub, less appropriately attired for a proverbially uncertain climate, had been seen conducting lovers to the altar, might have been fancied to inflame the ardour of his timber toes.
If Magdalen's anxieties had not been far too serious to allow her the customary free use of her tongue, she would have been ready on the instant with an appropriately satirical answer.
I have now mentioned all the carrion-feeders, excepting the condor, an account of which will be more appropriately introduced when we visit a country more congenial to its habits than the plains of La Plata.
Summary: Washington [US], July 24 (ANI): Asserting that it is time to reset Pakistan and US relations, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that, in the past, Islamabad's point of view was not "appropriately presented" in front of Washington.
Risa Hontiveros snapped at a netizen who told her to 'dress appropriately' for the fourth State of the Nation Address of President Rodrigo Duterte.
have been incidents in have been rare and have dealt with appropriately.
In fact both approaches are correct and essential as a balanced policy of budgeting appropriately both, the quality undergraduate education as well as strong Research and Development (R and D).
STOP and search powers are being used appropriately and proportionally in South Wales, the police and crime commissioner has said.
The notice lists four elements of care requiring urgent improvement and management at the home have been told to ensure staff practice is monitored to ensure residents are supported appropriately.
has no place at matches and committing will be dealt appropriately.
The three independent companies will be appropriately capitalized with the financial flexibility to take advantage of future growth opportunities.
ANY supporters causing trouble during Boro's friendly against Sunderland will be "dealt with appropriately", police have warned.
'We have discussed and we will be putting up a signboard which is to remind people that this is a place of worship and they need to behave appropriately and not offensively.'
British finance minister Philip Hammond said on Sunday that Britain's government would respond "appropriately" if a foreign state was found to be involved in the poisoning of a former Russian spy in England a week ago.
A MAN with learning difficulties WAS appropriately restrained by police, just before his death nine years ago.
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