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in an appropriate manner

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Some remembrance of old Valentines, wherein a cherub, less appropriately attired for a proverbially uncertain climate, had been seen conducting lovers to the altar, might have been fancied to inflame the ardour of his timber toes.
If Magdalen's anxieties had not been far too serious to allow her the customary free use of her tongue, she would have been ready on the instant with an appropriately satirical answer.
I have now mentioned all the carrion-feeders, excepting the condor, an account of which will be more appropriately introduced when we visit a country more congenial to its habits than the plains of La Plata.
But if there were to be an involvement of a foreign state evidenced by this investigation, then obviously that would be very serious indeed and the government would respond appropriately," he said.
A MAN with learning difficulties WAS appropriately restrained by police, just before his death nine years ago.
Casello said, "The logical next step in responding to current market conditions and likely development timing is to ensure that the companys balance sheet is appropriately structured.
Kirby urged the Syrian regime to "treat appropriately those people that are being detained," while questioning "whether they (the prisoners) should be detained or not.
The report stated: "Cardiff and Vale University Health Board should ensure that equipment no longer in use is either removed from the ward or stored more appropriately.
The patriots of 1916 deserve to be honoured appropriately in the centenary year.
This lady believed that was what was going to happen to her and she acted appropriately.
Washington, June 2 ( ANI ): Rumer Willis has advised her mother Demi Moore to dress more appropriately for her age, according to reports.
Later in the day China's Ministry of Commerce said in a brief statement that it had received the request from the EU and added: "We will handle this appropriately in accordance with rules of the WTO's dispute settlement mechanism.
Council chiefs claimed they investigated alleged breaches which they: "Dealt with appropriately.
Police are now carrying out enquiries to ensure those responsible are identified and dealt with appropriately.
This process involves a series of quality assurance visits to be conducted over the next three years, when the panel will satisfy itself that any conditions applied during this time are met and that the course has been appropriately delivered for each of the three years.
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