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social value that is privately appropriable through IP rights.
With the eroded appropriable value of research partnerships under a weak IPR regime, firms often turn away from partnerships and produce technologies internally (Powell, Koput, and Smith Doerr 1996; Pisano 1990).
In regard to the ownership of a form of expression--of what is called "style"--Tucker believed that a particular combination of words belonged to no one; the method of expressing an idea was an idea in and itself and, therefore, "not appropriable.
This does not mean that I am incapable of understanding my interlocutor; on the contrary, it means that I am capable of understanding her qua other, that is, as not me and not appropriable by me.
Given short supplies and significant development lags, germplasm could command a significant share of the innovation profits forthcoming from weakly appropriable agricultural biotechnologies.
Finally, the reputation belongs distinctly to the brand or firm; therefore, rents accruing as a result of the reputation and a first move are likely to be appropriable by the firm.
Commodities are notoriously difficult to turn into branded products with appropriable rents.
Alchian's classic article Vertical Integration, Appropriable Rents,
The model enables us to address in a new way some of the fundamental questions in public science policy: Does private support steer university research toward more applied or privately appropriable inventions and thus away from publicly accessible knowledge?
The Provincial Monitoring Cell of Rescue 1122 is in close coordination with the Metrological Department; National Disaster Management Authority/Provincial Disaster Management Authority to ensure timely flood forecasting, appropriable level of preparedness and effective response to floods in any district of the Punjab.
But in December, Parmentier's three collaborators made a proposition he considered fundamentally regressive: that each painter might also sign the others' works, on the understanding that these notionally inexpressive marks existed apart from any originating subject and were, therefore, equally appropriable by all.
In such a scenario, R&D expenditures are still closely linked to the appropriable returns from R&D.
Vertical Integration, Appropriable Rents, and the Competitive Contracting Process.
Reinganaum, investigated whether or not entry results in increased or decreased investment by a given firm can depend critically upon the extent to which the rewards to innovation are appropriable.
Project Description: A productive recovery intervened in the impacted watershed Uairen River, from the perspective of local people, with their own or appropriable technologies, developing agroforestry models with local species such as the Incas, Manihot, Mauritia and consolidating a network of tourism areas is proposed Community and economic and environmental education through the automation of various activities of the productive sector, contribute to short-term improvements in the quality of life of women and the family in general alternative.