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Synonyms for approbative

expressing or manifesting praise or approval

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According to the fitting-attitudes theory, something is good just in case it would be fitting (appropriate) to take an approbative attitude (e.
He procured the approbative statements of such eminent soldiers as Generals Hunter Liggett, Robert L.
One could, after all, combine moral sentimentalism and divine command theory in the thesis that what it is right to do is what God commands, and that God commands what he does command simply because he has an approbative attitude toward it.
In the Heart of the Heart of the Country has garnered a good deal of approbative and insightful critical response.
13) Although Hegel certainly read Wealth of Nations and drew on it in other contexts, Smith's derisive depiction of colonial monopoly as a profligate burden on taxpayers and an impediment to industry bears no resemblance to Hegel's approbative account.
Friedrich is also shown receiving approbative revelations of the type so often reported of women mystics--in which he learned, for instance, that he would eventually have a place in the sixth rank of heavenly angels.
Natural" most often functions as an approbative and indefinable adjective; it is a superficially impressive way of saying, "This is good, I approve.