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Synonyms for approbation

Synonyms for approbation

favorable regard

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

Antonyms for approbation

official approval

Related Words

official recognition or approval

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L'ARP a egalement adopte le projet de loi organique portant approbation de l'adhesion de la Tunisie au Protocole amendant l'accord europeen sur le transport international des produits dangereux par voie routiere, avec 110 voix pour et 13 abstentions.
Sa Majeste le Roi, que Dieu L'assiste, a bien voulu donne Son approbation a la promotion et la nomination d'un certain nombre de fonctionnaires du Royaume, en recompense de Sa Majeste pour leur devouement et abnegation dans l'accomplissement du devoir.
The Japanese experts believe that the new nuclear test is likely to be an approbation of weapons with highly enriched uranium.
Tous les pronostics misent sur la finalisation des procedures internes pour sa soumission au vote en seance pleniere et son approbation par les deux parlements europeen et marocain avant fin decembre courant.
SIR - I am sure that I will not be the first to point out to Gwilym Levell and your readers that there are many monarchs in addition to England's Saxon King Alfred (871-99) who are commonly known as "the Great" - some of whom were known as such at the time in their lifetime and some who gained the approbation after death.
Flushed by the approbation of the Con-Dem Coalition, he outlines his polemic plans to hound the already beleaguered elements of society with the equally culpable George Osborne to descend like vultures upon the defenceless infirm and extract their pound of flesh, and further compound the felonies this Coalition perpetrates to maintain the tottering citadels of privilege.
President Ahmadi-nejad offered last Monday to be the first Iranian fired into space--a proposition greeted with guffaws, but also approbation, all around the world.
As the democracy of identification has given way to the politics of approbation, there has been a proliferation of alternative mechanisms and institutions that work to compensate for this inevitable "distance between leaders and the people.
A transformation of the game must have taken place between then and 1497, when it received royal approbation by James IV's purchase of a bag of "fut ballis".
other list of nominees presented for voting over, will not enjoy the approbation nor consent of the Iraqiya, since it exceed the frame of political bloc,s unanimity , moreover such list of candidates abuse Arbil agreement .
WE DON'T know what world your correspondent Phil Redmond inhabits but people have been volunteering their services for decades in schools, hospitals, sports societies and charities amongst other organisations without the need for recognition, approbation or the need to be part of the pompous-titled "Big Society".
Summary: The eastern and western companies of electricity and gas distribution (SDE), (SDO) obtained Monday the approbation of their plans for improving performance for 2010-2014 period.
Viewers clearly took to him and the overwhelming public approbation has prompted Jordan to boast they'll marry, adding it was all her idea he entered the contest.
The church is now raised to the status of a basilica and has received ecclesiastical approbation at the highest levels: on August 15, 1904 the statue was crowned by the Archbishop of Guadalajara with the authorization of Pope Pius X.