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Synonyms for approbation

Synonyms for approbation

favorable regard

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

Antonyms for approbation

official approval

Related Words

official recognition or approval

References in classic literature ?
I do not remember to have ever mentioned the name of Mr Jones with approbation to any one before; nor should I now had I not conceived he had your approbation.
She instantly wrote Sir John Middleton her acknowledgment of his kindness, and her acceptance of his proposal; and then hastened to shew both letters to her daughters, that she might be secure of their approbation before her answer were sent.
The picture was strikingly beautiful; it was the very scene itself, transferred as if by magic to the canvas; but I expressed my approbation in guarded terms, and few words, for fear of displeasing her.
They must have borne in mind, that as the plan to be framed and proposed was to be submitted TO THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES, the disapprobation of this supreme authority would destroy it forever; its approbation blot out antecedent errors and irregularities.
I think you will agree with me, (turning with a soft air to Emma,) I think I shall certainly have your approbation, though Mr.
The crowd that had cheered him on at first with savage yells, now jeered him--their approbation was for the Tarmangani.
This communication," continued the procureur, in that cold and decisive tone which seemed at once to preclude all discussion, "will, we are sure, meet with your approbation.
It had been agreed that the old man should express his approbation by closing his eyes, his refusal by winking them several times, and if he had some desire or feeling to express, he raised them to heaven.
La loi organique portant approbation de l'accord, conclu le 9 fevrier 2017 entre la Tunisie et l'Italie, dans le domaine du transport international routier des personnes et des marchandises, a finalement ete adoptee lors d'une seance pleniere tenue, mardi, a l'ARP, apres avoir ete rejetee, dans l'apres-midi, en raison de l'absence de quorum lors du vote.
Tenders are invited for Supply of mineral fertilizers for the needs of the Executive Agency for Variety Testing, Approbation and Seed Inspection (IASAS).
Secretary Education Punjab has given approbation for appointment of these AEOs on vacant seats with the approval from Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif.
Trois decrets executifs portant approbation de licence d'etablissement et d'exploitation d'un reseau public de telecommunications mobiles de la 4G aux trois operateurs de la telephonie mobile operant en Algerie (Mobilis, Ooredoo et Djezzy) ont ete publies au Journal officiel nA 52.
The fundraising event was held in the Dormans Club, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, and organised by Libby and Chris Elwick who deserve the utmost approbation for their efforts.
The Secretary Forest Sajjad Hussain Abbasi would present line of action, in consultation with the Secretary Irrigation Zaheer Hyder Shah, to the Chief Secretary within 24 hours and under formal approbation of the competent authority the work should be started without further delay.
Karachi -- Chief Secretary Sindh Muhammad Siddiq Memon has advised the Secretary Transport to update the Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) System with a view to validate and implement, the same in accordance with due approbation, based on rules and regulations.