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Synonyms for approbate

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approve or sanction officially

accept (documents) as valid

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Such a distinction may be explained as an application of the doctrine of estoppel, or of the rule against approbating and reprobating, or perhaps more broadly on general considerations of justice.
Compare John Skirving Ewart, Waiver Distributed among the Departments Election, Estoppel, Contract, Release (1917) 108: 'for, admitting that the defrauder is not entitled to much sympathy, yet his conduct affords little reason for saying that the other party can retain an indefinite option between approbating and reprobating the transaction', and E Allan Farnsworth, Changing Your Mind: The Law of Regretted Decisions (1998) 188: 'Even the victim of fraud is expected to deal fairly in this way with the one who has perpetuated the fraud'.
conveys so much sympathy, philanthropy, virtue, and, I may add, pity, that I doubt whether there is one of the addressed but what joins with me in approbating a theme that sets my soul on fire.
shareholder from approbating and reprobating at the same time.
In a finale suggestive of some playground idyll, where boys and girls take turns showing off and the public is treated to a panoply of improvised dance modes--house, funk, freestyle or a yet unpatented hybrid of the pop-and-lock signature of hip-hop--Shannon is both assimilated into and apart from the approbating crowd.