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Synonyms for approbate

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approve or sanction officially

accept (documents) as valid

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The heat loss calculations as well as the evaluation of building service conditions were made by using approbated computer programs and visual evaluation methodologies.
From all manufactured in VILS Company parts, which were approbated by the customers, granule technology of titanium alloys turned out to be, because of a number of reasons, irreplaceable for manufacturing super-complex parts with various types of ducts and concealed blades for items of aerospace engineering, i.
Stanyukovich was right--the experiments were approbated with strictly positive result.
This cannot be done, however, without reference to the life experiences of the believer; here purely discursive arguments wane and proposed arguments take the form of an invitation to share in a life world and its approbated moral praxis.
At the expiration of another year, your committee by leave to report that during the year, they had approbated 10 teachers for the five different schools in this town, who have entered upon their responsible duties with different degrees of success and approbation.
Market approach and culture in Western Europe has been approbated for nearly two centuries and is based on rational analysis and linear thinking.