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approve or sanction officially

accept (documents) as valid

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Handwritten signatures are usually used to approbate the components of a document or to verify a financial transaction [6].
Even though Adorno was accused--perhaps rightly so--of editing Benjamin's works in a procrustean mariner, where Benjamin's perceived avant-garde brio was used to vindicate, indeed approbate Adorno's "new left.
Rather than surrender the Islamic cloak to the likes of Ghazi al-Attabani and the other 'loud' intellectuals of the Islamic Movement seeking a future apart from the NCP, the President's gamble is to approbate the 'Islamic' trademark and popularise it under his sultanic authority, a strategy that his hitherto freed his power from the eclectic 'internationalism' of Hassan al-Turabi and the machinations of his lesser heirs.
In opting not to follow the same meticulous step-by-step analysis of each aspect of the argument advanced by the accused, I neither approbate nor reject the learned trial judge's conclusions.
Some members questioned whether the House had authority "to censure or to approbate the conduct of the Executive" (ibid.
Even if various components of the Jewish community cannot appreciate our essential commonality, we can approbate the opinions of those non-Jewish observers, ranging from Judeophiles to anti-Semites, peering in through that proverbial glass darkly.