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I also loved the personal essay on defining places, as it was broad and approachable."
How do you know whether you are approachable or not as a leader?
"Our team are extremely knowledgeable unpretentious, approachable and engaging.
"Emma was bright, enthusiastic, extremely approachable and loved Huddersfield Town.
Even the worst individuals have their good moments, when they are approachable I suggest that you look for such a moment and gently seek to find out what is bothering her.
Thomson said: "We saw a gap in the area for an innovative concept that embraces the words lively, quirky and approachable. Focusing on a comfort-food heavy menu at market disrupting prices, we are confident Beastro will be unbeatable in terms of positioning for the offering we have."
"We are extremely encouraged by the progress the business has made in a relatively short timescale and UK Steel Enterprise has been very pragmatic and approachable throughout and we are grateful for their support."
This book is lovely, and inspiring and approachable for quilters of all skill levels who want something a little different from traditional quilt designs and colors with a lot of fuss.
They were approachable and gave me some of their own books.
Here, general readers will find an approachable introduction to the history of bread and to the many forms that bread takes throughout the world, and bread bakers will discover a history of the craft and new ways of thinking that will inspire experimentation.
Scientists found a panel of unbiased volunteers rated follically challenged men as more youthful, attractive, successful and approachable after a transplant.
But football clubs need a visible, approachable and available figurehead who can discuss more than just the latest injury list and tactical formations for the next Premier League match.
Cllr Barbara Roxburgh, Mayor of Wrexham, said: "During my time as Mayor, Mike has always maintained an approachable, cheerful and professional manner as my chauffeur.
While approachable, the text is dense and the book would be used more for ready reference than exhaustive reading.