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the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with

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The researchers found that patients did not perceive a difference in physician competence, professionalism, caring, approachability, trustworthiness, or reliability based on exposed body art.
This study also showed the differences in perceptions across different socio-demographics groups with respect to healthcare services factors: quality, access and approachability, affordability and responsiveness, respectively, explained Dr Immanuel.
She praised the selfconfessed science geek for his approachability and natural connectivity with children.
He was everything that I had expected with his warmth and approachability.
Aside from affordability and accessibility, they've got approachability down pat with TV host Boy Abunda voicing the two 30-seconder radio commercials, one in Tagalog, the other in Cebuano.
|The Cellar Master The newest member of the Penfolds dynasty of fine wnes, Penfolds Max's Shiraz 2015, South Australia (PS19.99, Waitrose) has approachability guaranteed with alluring fruit and supple tannin structure.
FIANNA Fail chief Micheal Martin yesterday said despite their political differences, he had always appreciated "Enda's decency, good humour and approachability".
Continue reading "Jessica Seinfeld's New CookbookHer FourthIs Refreshing and Notable for Its Approachability" at...
The author enumerates 10 basic techniques for presentations--determine the battle plan; present like it's a play by using mini-acts, scenes, and climaxes; magnify the message with credibility, approachability, and listenability; maintain a collection of techniques to deflect skepticism, hostility, and inattention; use powerful opens and closes; use visual aids, handouts, and room layouts; implement vocal techniques; control stage fright; incorporate humor; and utilize new media--each broken down into 10 steps.
The current study examined changes in women's perception of approachability based on potential situation-dependent activation of accent-based stereotypes of men's speech, specifically those attributed to the so-called non-standard New York accent and the standard Midwestern accent.
Hair transplants also significantly boosted ratings scores for attractiveness, successfulness and approachability.
The participants were asked to rate each image on age, attractiveness, successfulness and approachability.
Statements are derived to evaluate availability, honesty, empathy, patience, communication, advocacy, authenticity, accountability, approachability, and communication.
Nevertheless, they endow the book with a charming approachability that may appeal to young and reluctant readers.
(Not that it ever really vanished--paging through, you'll grasp the origins of many classic IKEA pieces.) The Scandinavian modern ethos values simplicity and approachability: An Egg chair, for instance, is almost irresistibly inviting.