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Synonyms for approachability

the attribute of being easy to meet or deal with

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One of the situations we asked participants to imagine was a commonly used one in previous studies on approachability, that of asking for directions (e.
For the purposes of Research Question 1, VoC attribute categories found in the extant literature (Smith and Allen, 2006) (Harrison 2009) were considered, including integration, referral, individuation, shared responsibility, accountability, moral virtue, advocacy, availability, approachability, information, and communication.
His approachability, "can do" attitude and genuine interest in listening to members impressed many he met on his campaign.
According to John, there are three key components to spontaneous interpretation: opportunity, approachability, and message.
Her approachability and sincere desire to see Clinton prosper has worked wonders already all over town.
Our 139-year history is steeped in tradition with the foundation of our success built on values such as trust, integrity, approachability and a client-centred service.
Don's friendliness and approachability has also made ACF a great place to work.
Dianne Hewitson PLEASE be aware this is an escaped display eagle hence the degree of approachability.
The upshot of her devotion to the community, passion for fairness and approachability has meant her taking on a role as advocate, particularly for Asian women who are not sure about challenging authority.
Accessibility and approachability are front of mind to LeVine, whose second cookbook, "Small Bites, Big Flavor," will be available Nov.
Localities as Al Sadd, Bin Mahmoud, and Al Nasr, however, may fetch equal demand due to approachability and 'Usufruct' status, it said.
When looking at candidates I look for people who can deliver this type of service and the characteristics they normally possess are approachability, the ability to empathise with guests, integrity, patience, respect, pro-activity and a passion for what they do.
The cuvees are specifically selected by the chef to emphasize approachability, with prices averaging $14.
IndiaVerify guarantees easy accessibility, approachability and improved client servicing.
Table 3 demonstrates the 5 elements of Service Quality, which is A1; so A11 is the Approachability, etc.