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the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing

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It can sample the real and erroneous vehicle position and subsequently match the vehicle with all approach path traces within its vicinity.
The bridge and its west approach path also will give people access to the Willamette River trails, west of Goodpasture Island Road.
By the sloping approach path, the smooth stones (which were taken from parts of the river bed to be covered by the waters of the dam) are held in place with welded stainless-steel mesh.
The copilot slid the Sea Stallion to the left to avoid ground support vehicles located along the approach path.
Officials said the plane's approach path took it over Zupski Bay, and it apparently crashed into the hill as it crossed over land on the south side of the bay.
In three separate contracts in Africa, an ILS, 4 Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI), runway lights and 2 VOR/DME systems will be supplied.
In the case of harbour operations vessels cannot rely on an guaranteed approach path free of obstacles and traffic as is the case for aviation approach procedures (landing).
Shortly thereafter, the student added power to adjust his approach path to the runway but the engine did not respond.
On the NACO version, the profile shows one line for the full ILS, followed by the dotted missed approach path.
Meanwhile, investigators piecing together the disaster said the pilot of the private jet thought he was on a different approach path than the one that led him on to the runway.
These contracts encompass the full range of airfield lighting systems including approach lighting systems, elevated edge lights, inset lights, apron lighting, precision approach path indicators, signs, constant current regulators, control panels, transformer, cables and installation.
While on final approach, the airplane "encountered a sinker" and began to descend below his anticipated approach path.
A row of light perpendicular to the approach path 500 feet
The aircraft's onboard GPS equipment uses this data to construct an Instrument Landing System (ILS) look-alike approach path that directs the flight controls and displays for precision approach.
The project will comprise building airport taxiway lighting, precision approach path indicators, runway end identifier lights and directional signs.