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the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing

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The 1,500-foot bridge and approach paths will let nature lovers, joggers and bicyclists get from the neighborhoods east of Delta Highway to Delta Ponds, a 150-acre natural area interspersed with ponds bisected by the highway.
The FMC also calculated the exact time at which the aircraft should begin its approach to Arlanda, thereby reducing the amount of noise and exhaust emissions that would result from a less efficient approach path.
In three separate contracts in Africa, an ILS, 4 Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI), runway lights and 2 VOR/DME systems will be supplied.
Tenders are invited for Repair To Security Fencing And Gates Hard Standing Approach Path And Saucer Drains And Cement Plaster To Em Installation And Ws Installation Bldgs In Sector C Area Under Ge Utility Ambala Cantt
The ability of the C-17 to perform steep, five-degree glide path approaches helps the pilot avoid ground-based threat along the aircraft's final approach path.
These contracts encompass the full range of airfield lighting systems including approach lighting systems, elevated edge lights, inset lights, apron lighting, precision approach path indicators, signs, constant current regulators, control panels, transformer, cables and installation.
The Aspen GPS approach replaces a private Microwave Landing System and follows a more desirable path to the airport and more favorable terrain than the public VOR/DME approach path.
The aircraft's onboard GPS equipment uses this data to construct an Instrument Landing System (ILS) look-alike approach path that directs the flight controls and displays for precision approach.
Tenders are invited for Repair To Hard Standing Approach Path Security Gate Plinth Protection Around Installation Bldgs In Sector A Rea Under Ge Utility Ambala Cantt
New York (AirGuide Features - Inside Air Travel) Wed, Mar 26, 2014 - Eight flight safety incidents have occurred near Ben-Gurion International Airport over the last two months, all caused by the same problem: passenger planes deviating from their approved altitude and approach path to the airport.
Regarding transport, no new runway needed, Teesside Airport can take the world's largest aircraft, its approach path avoids urban conurbation, there are rail and sea links within minutes.
In the animation, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 is seen descending at a steep rate, dropping far below the proper approach path, only to pull up at the last minute.
Further to having successfully deployed a digital recorder system and communication system for Al Bateen Executive Airport and a Precision Approach Path Indicator for Sir Bani Yas Airport, Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies (BAES), the leading airport systems integration provider, announced that they have recently been awarded the project to design, supply and install a Navigation Aid system (Instrument Landing System) for Al Bateen Executive Airport by the Supervision Committee for the Expansion of the Abu Dhabi International Airport (SCADIA).
A number of trees have been felled or pruned in recent weeks and earlier in the year, due to their height and proximity to the airport as they lie underneath the aircraft approach path, though those around Pear Tree Cottage were largely unaffected.
The precise approach path can allow airports to reduce noise in surrounding communities while operators save fuel and lower emissions.