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Synonyms for appressed

pressed close to or lying flat against something


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Sepals 1.5-2.3 mm long beyond glands, 1.3-1.5 mm wide, broadly obtuse or rounded, abaxially tomentose or loosely sericeous over the whole surface or nearly glabrous toward margin and ciliate on margin, adaxially glabrous, appressed in anthesis; glands 8, 1.5-2.5 mm long, obovate, often compressed but distinct or rarely the glands of adjacent sepals connate, glabrous, often slightly detached at apex, the posterior 2 mostly slightly decurrent.
Both the gametocytes markedly encircled the erythrocyte nucleus and appressed closely with the host cell envelope.
Antennae: predominantly pale brown, with distal 1/5 of segment II, distal half of segment III, and all of segment IV darker, segment I bearing 3 erect spinose golden setae, all segments thickly covered with short, appressed pale setae, lengths of segments I-IV = 0.28, 0.95, 0.60, 0.35.
The setae on the frons and the dorsal part of the scape are much longer and erect in males, whereas they are short and virtually appressed in females (Figs 9, 11).
Surface of the ground around plants was uneven and changed among years due to erosion, and plants often leaned significantly or grew between closely appressed and uneven rocks.
Achenes (1.0-) 1.5-2.5 (-3.5) mm long, globose to ovoid, with obtuse, apiculate apex, conspicuously pitted, white or gray, with tufts or lines of minute, yellowish to purplish hairs; hypogynium distinctly 3-lobed, the lobes oblong to lanceolate, apex obtuse to subacute, appressed to achene base.
Head: eye facets hexagonal, closely appressed. Antenna: scape obconic, 0.10-0.12 mm long, 0.07-0.09 mm wide, 1.1-1.6 as long as wide; pedicel short, globose, 0.05-0.06 mm long (n = 6); flagellomeres 9-12 progressively and conspicuously shortened (Figure 1); flagellomere neck short and bare.
Leaves 12-25 forming a dense crown of glaucous-green color; sheath 41-65 cm long, petiole 43-105 cm long, rachis 134-162 cm long, sheath, petiole and rachis densely covered with a whitish appressed, persistent tomentum; pinnae 85-98 on each side of rachis, strongly grouped and arranged in different planes in the proximal 1/3 of rachis, regularly arranged in one plane in the distal part; adaxial surface glabrous, abaxial surface covered with an appressed indument, initially golden-brown, aging whitish, proximal pinnae 37-57cm long, 0.3-1 cm wide, middle pinnae 52-68 cm long, 2-3.2 cm wide, distal pinnae 26-42 cm long, 0.2-0.6 cm wide.
If the tax bill of pounds 1,331,072 is not paid, then Cardiff City would face a High Court appressed pearance on August 11 - just three days after their Championship opener with Sheffield United.
The bracts are very dense at the lower half and imbricate, then they move apart more, so that the scape remains uncovered to the node, at the same time they become thinner and lanceolate; the uppermost are appressed to the stem.
Stems glabrous or appressed strigose; legumes glabrous to strigose____2
Antennular peduncles stout, somewhat depressed dorsoventrally, contiguous, thus mesial faces flat; first segment unarmed on distolateral and distomesial margins; dorsal surface with low elevation proximolaterally, but without conspicuous proximolateral tubercle; stylocerite broad, closely appressed to peduncle, reaching distolateral angle of second segment, lateral margin notably convex; second segment nearly as long as broad to slightly longer than broad, with moderately large distomesial tooth.
Short pubescence on scapes and dorsal (outer) surfaces of middle and hind tibiae usually almost appressed, but slightly elevated in some.