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Synonyms for apprentice

Synonyms for apprentice

works for an expert to learn a trade

be or work as an apprentice

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I sat in the ball-room in the interval, contemplating the apprentices.
Turveydrop was in bed, I found, and Caddy was milling his chocolate, which a melancholy little boy who was an apprentice --it seemed such a curious thing to be apprenticed to the trade of dancing--was waiting to carry upstairs.
Nathaniel Pipkin could hear him growling away like an old mastiff with a sore throat; and whenever the unfortunate apprentice with the thin legs came into the room, so surely did old Lobbs commence swearing at him in a most Saracenic and ferocious manner, though apparently with no other end or object than that of easing his bosom by the discharge of a few superfluous oaths.
He soon recovered the effects of his attachment, for we find his name in the parish register, as a witness to the marriage of Maria Lobbs to her cousin; and it also appears, by reference to other documents, that on the night of the wedding he was incarcerated in the village cage, for having, in a state of extreme intoxication, committed sundry excesses in the streets, in all of which he was aided and abetted by the bony apprentice with the thin legs.
Four Fraser Coast locals have joined Queenslands next generation of energy professionals as 2018 Ergon Energy apprentices.
BOSSES are being accused of "cheating" apprentices out of the minimum wage after a new study found 135,000 apprentices in England are being paid less than the statutory rate.
In his latest Racing Post Monday column, Lee Mottershead shone a light on how some trainers are failing to pay the expenses to apprentices that BHA regulations require, while at the same time banking half the prize-money won by those riders in prize-money.
With four places available, the firm says it has awarded places to three first year apprentices and one Level 3 apprentice, taking the number of apprentices currently on the programme to eight.
ISLAMABAD -- Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) would achieve the target to recruit 65,000 apprentices by December this year, Chairperson Irfan Qaiser Sheikh said.
The apprentices, who were nominated by their employer or learning provider, gathered for the second Kirklees Apprenticeship Hub Awards at the John Smiths Stadium, Huddersfield.
Learndirect can provide help to recruit as many apprentices as businesses want - just like a recruitment agency, it searches for, screens and selects suitable apprentices.
Mechanical design apprentice Philip Marwood was handpicked to meet Mr Cameron in 10 Downing Street to discuss what it means to be an apprentice and debate how the Government, apprentices and businesses can do more to promote apprenticeships.
Newcastle City Council, which employs 90 apprentices, also picked up an award for the significant contribution it makes to taking on young people and teaching them a trade.
All of the staff including the apprentices hold NVQ2 qualifications in roofing disciplines or are working towards completing their NVQs.
The institution is calling for nominations for an award that recognises the achievements and contribution of engineering apprentices.