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And it's not just Americans who are anxious-- in January, British Prime Minister Theresa May appointed the country's first"minister for loneliness." While apprehensiveness about elders is particularly intense-- the ageing grandparent who lives alone and hasn't talked to a soul for days has become a recurring motif in stories about the crisisu--u no group is exempt from concern: A recent study suggests the unnerving possibility that young adults may be the loneliest Americans of all.
Common adverse reactions to epinephrine include anxiety, apprehensiveness, restlessness, tremor, weakness, dizziness, sweating, palpitations, pallor, nausea and vomiting, headache, and/or respiratory difficulties.
40) in the Dutch city of Haren, arguing for vigilance and apprehensiveness of the discourses around new technology and the "uncritical eagerness" with which technology has been embraced (p.
Conventions and humiliation may generate striking discrepancies in depression, nervousness, apprehensiveness (Lazaroiu, 2017), and other health results among bisexual persons in contrast with their heterosexual and homosexual equivalents.
Social pressure and FoMO make Internet users more predisposed to computer-mediated communication behavior that, fundamentally, raises their risk of apprehensiveness and psychological health deficiencies.
The Egyptian people's Nile quest and their apprehensiveness about the Ethiopian dam are, therefore, perceived as a continuation of the centuries-old efforts and deceptions by Egyptian rulers to make Ethiopians unable to use the waters that originate from their hinterland.
Look at a thesaurus, and you'll find that synonyms for "concern" include anxiety, worry, disquiet, apprehensiveness, unease, and consternation.
(64) Developmental psychologists who study the behavioral consequences of trauma have found the following significant effects on children, including but not limited to: deficits in emotional self-regulation; inadequate regulation of affect and impulse control; apprehensiveness about the reliability and predictability of people; difficulties in attention regulation; a lack of recognition of the cause and effect of their actions; over and under reactivity exhibited emotionally, physically, cognitively, and interpersonally; difficulty returning to a calm state after arousal from a stressful event; a tendency to become confused and unsettled when confronted with stressful events; and extreme clinging, compliance, or distrust.
This parallel approach, I suspect, underpins some of the apprehensiveness about provincial non-enforcement, where a failure to prosecute might be construed as "interference." Such apprehensiveness is misplaced.
Moreover, he expressed his country's apprehensiveness concerning the situation in Syria and the region, especially in light of the growing terrorist threats.
For many students, the move to a bigger, unfamiliar environment is quite daunting, and can cause emotional apprehensiveness as well as a decline in academic achievement (Akos & Galassi, 2004).
The Mariner's lack of apprehensiveness in measuring the significance of an apparently ordinary "part" of the "whole" incites him on an arrogant rejection that to his mind is an ordinary act of his justifiable supremacy (56).
In the end, such armchair analysis is unnecessary: The drawings have a very particular urgency, pulling us in with their power to amaze and confuse, and keeping us there with their distinct atmosphere of apprehensiveness and dread.
(80) This apprehensiveness is the product of a worst-case analysis, but what matters is that the Russians believe their perceptions and that these perceptions are likely to mean stability in some circumstances coupled with the potential for great danger in others.
In all these travels not only did I take in the sights--although I am not one who uncritically admires the palaces and castles and churches one can visit on such trips, given that I could never get rid of my apprehensiveness about how those got built in the first place, by a lot of serfs and otherwise oppressed folks in feudal systems--but often, actually rather spontaneously, offered to take pictures of those couples that hadn't a way to capture their memories on film together.