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Findings reflected fathers reevaluating relationships with women after the birth of their daughters, decision-making about whether to contact their daughters during incarceration and reentry, identifying as their daughters' protector, recognizing that their incarceration affected their daughters, and experiencing both optimism and apprehensiveness in reconnecting with their daughters during the reentry process.
This helps alleviate apprehensiveness related to meeting new people online and also provides an additional element of safety.
They understand that when people trust their vehicles to their service staff for repairs or regular maintenance that there will always be a certain level of apprehensiveness that accompanies those visits.
Ellen's maternal apprehensiveness is, significantly, given corporeal form in her running, her disregard for the filth of the stable and the timbre of her voice, just as Henry's emotional turmoil issues in vomiting and screaming.
First, it examines how disaggregating may hamper the parties' ability to negotiate a global settlement, which conveys an apprehensiveness about the value of efficiency and finality when contrasted with accuracy and enforcing substantive rights.
Many of the study's respondents indicated that their university's apprehensiveness regarding social media use significantly influences if and how these technologies can be employed for higher learning.
Lady Russell's apprehensiveness is by no means unfounded: Wentworth, "spending freely, what had come freely, [has] realized nothing" (29).
He was successful in this first goal, but his apprehensiveness about the latter shows itself.
In fact, fearless dominance, linked to low social and physical apprehensiveness, appears to correlate with better-rated presidential performance for leadership, persuasiveness, crisis management and Congressional relations, the analysis showed, the analysis found.
As China grew stubborn on her stand of not revaluing Renminbi, the world looked at its rising global influence with uneasiness and apprehensiveness in galore.
She conscientiously refuses to give in to her apprehensiveness to leave the metro, an action which would mean a rejection of her maternal connection to language, because "Obedecer a ese mandato equivalia a asesinar mis embriones de pensamiento imprevisto, era como prohibir el acceso a los espermatozoides que se precipitan a fecundar un ovulo o destruirlos cuando han conseguido entrar, yo habia elegido siempre el primer sistema, abortar me aterraba" (36).
News of a slowdown in China's manufacturing sector also contributed to investors' apprehensiveness at the start of what will be a busy week on the economic and earnings front.
Likewise, they may have apprehensiveness to completing a task when learning barriers are present.
Such a determination of the specificity of media is usually related to their materiality, although we may notice in the media comparative discourse there is apprehensiveness about ascribing the specific features of a medium to its materiality" (6-7).
White Rochesterians displayed a general apprehensiveness toward outsiders and a stubborn unwillingness to recognize the growing racial inequality in their community and, thus, the need for change.