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Synonyms for apprehensively

with anxiety or apprehension

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Kitty asked apprehensively, catching the gleam of irony that kindled in the prince's eyes at the mention of Madame Stahl.
and all at once I stopped, sat up in dismay and, bending over apprehensively, began to listen with a beating heart.
He is meagre; his low and narrow forehead is deeply wrinkled; his eyes, small and lustreless, sometimes wander apprehensively about him, but oftener seem to look inward.
The girl glanced apprehensively about, first for signs of the return of the bowmen, and then for some means of escape.
While he read the service, the blacks gazed apprehensively at the dark line on the water, above which rolled and tumbled the racing clouds.
He seemed to have made a resolute effort at tidiness of attire, and his sister, a robust, florid woman with a splendid joviality about her, kept eyeing his freshly creased clothes apprehensively.
Go-bu-balu glanced here and there apprehensively, thinking that Tarzan had espied an enemy.
I run my pencil through it for a touch-up before pushing it apprehensively toward the news editor, who pencils it some more.
Clenching the wheel apprehensively, he looked for highway patrol cars the entire route.
Unlike during the protests of 2009, and mindful of the generally disappointing outcome of the Arab Spring uprisings, Iran's middle class has so far exercised caution, observing the demonstrations apprehensively and from a distance.
Many teens approach poetry apprehensively, but with persuasion, Nye's thought-provoking and timely collection will serve as a gentle invitation to use poems as tools for making sense of a world in crisis and explaining the strangeness of everyday lives.
The World Today FRIGHTENING is the only word that comes to mind over the world today, You watch the news apprehensively and then you worry and you pray, Our world leaders need to use some common sense, especially North Korea, with China sitting on the fence, And where will it all end?
Summary: Just a few years ago Lebanese banks were apprehensively awaiting regulations they expected would impact business.
Apprehensively I handed the baby over to my mother's rabbi.