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with anxiety or apprehension

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Nancy, looking at her apprehensively, saw that her small chin was quivering, and that her eyes were full of tears.
"Why, did you know her, papa?" Kitty asked apprehensively, catching the gleam of irony that kindled in the prince's eyes at the mention of Madame Stahl.
"We'll never get another such a master, said Adolph, apprehensively; "but I'd rather be sold than take my chance under Missis."
And I worked myself up to such a pitch that I began to have a lump in my throat myself, and...and all at once I stopped, sat up in dismay and, bending over apprehensively, began to listen with a beating heart.
He is meagre; his low and narrow forehead is deeply wrinkled; his eyes, small and lustreless, sometimes wander apprehensively about him, but oftener seem to look inward.
The girl glanced apprehensively about, first for signs of the return of the bowmen, and then for some means of escape.
While he read the service, the blacks gazed apprehensively at the dark line on the water, above which rolled and tumbled the racing clouds.
Now if he'd married her, and - You don't mind, Mart?" she queried apprehensively. "I just happen to feel that way, because I'm tired, I guess.
He seemed to have made a resolute effort at tidiness of attire, and his sister, a robust, florid woman with a splendid joviality about her, kept eyeing his freshly creased clothes apprehensively. It was not very long, indeed, before his coat hung with a discouraged sag from his gaunt shoulders and his hair and beard were rumpled as if he had been out in a gale.
Go-bu-balu glanced here and there apprehensively, thinking that Tarzan had espied an enemy.
In a competitive match, Stirling started apprehensively. They carved out three good opportunities to score but they were not clinical in converting them and Dunfermline, having soaked up the pressure took the lead on a breakaway goal.
We found that the prevalence of the leishmaniasis in the studied population was apprehensively higher than the previous reports.
Entering the grand, yet slightly spooky building we were ushered apprehensively into a darkened room and told by the eerie talking pictures on the wall that the Lord was waiting for us to enter the banqueting hall before getting the event started.
So I decided apprehensively to take myself along to my local group.
Our tribe has indeed progressed through our many decades, from excitedly reading the comic pages to apprehensively scanning the obituaries.