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Synonyms for apprehension

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Synonyms for apprehension

great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

a seizing and holding by law

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Synonyms for apprehension

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Summary: Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Aug 11 (ANI): Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday reiterated his firm commitment and belief on abrogation of Article 370 while revealing that though he had faith in the outcomes of scrapping Article 370, he too had several apprehensions regarding the functioning of the Upper House when the Bill was introduced.
'The Group also discussed the widespread fear and apprehension in the minds of the people across the State of J and K about government's intentions of abolishing Articles 35-A and 370.
Gatchalian said that the city council primarily pushed for the passage of the No Contact Apprehension Program as the traditional apprehensions usually "lead to corruption and are prone to mistake."
The proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) states that the 'City needs to interconnect its traffic apprehension database and its 'No Contact Apprehension Program' and even those apprehended under contact apprehension with the LTO's information system on motor vehicle and driver's license database and create an alarm in the LTO's Motor Vehicle Registration System (MVRS) or Driver's Licensing System (DLS).'
The fake memorandum said all TNVS drivers and operators who don't have a provisional authority or certificate of public convenience would be exempted from apprehension.
The motorists point out, among others, that since no-contact apprehension was implemented along the junction where Sucat Road becomes Ninoy Aquino Avenue, there has always been a long line of northbound vehicles waiting to turn left to Kabihasnan and Coastal Road on the single lane allotted for this, leaving underused the three other lanes where traffic is always light.
He also directed the officers to take measures for apprehension of absconders and proclaimed offenders.
The DG also directed to take measures for the apprehension of absconders and proclaimed offenders.
Two sides of the Missouri Supreme Court pulled out dueling dictionaries to decide if a man who fired a gun in his ex-wife's house put her in "apprehension" of immediate physical injury.
In 2005, 22.6 percent of apprehended migrants sampled were re-apprehended within three months, and 28.1 percent within 18 months, of their initial apprehension. In 2012, the re-apprehension rates were 14.4 percent and 17.5 percent, respectively.
Therefore, in order for nursing students to meet their communication competency requirement and to be able to use the ISBAR technique in a clinical context, it is necessary to reduce their communication apprehension by developing nursing students' communication ability through SIM-PBL experience in various simulated situations.
(1) The distinction between apprehension and comprehension that Austin makes had become increasingly common in the period, as reflected in other theological works, in psychological treatises, and in popular entertainments like A Midsummer Night's Dream, where Theseus notes that the "seething brains" of lovers and madmen "apprehend / More than cool reason ever comprehends" (5.1.5-6).
Although instructors stress the need for students to improve writing skills, students have shown writing apprehension, or avoidance-like attitudes toward writing, causing them to not take writing courses seriously (Ahrens et al., 2016; Daly & Miller, 1975).
If a border were perfectly sealed, then the number of successful illegal entries would be zero, and the probability of apprehension would equal 100 percent.