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Synonyms for apprehensible

capable of being apprehended or understood

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As Heidegger notes, apprehensibility is 'an inauthentic attunement' and 'harmful [abtraglich] to Dasein's factical potentiality-for-Being' (SZ 341).
In the process, they have fallen between the stools of laureateship-ready apprehensibility (Hass and Pinsky) and postmodern textuality (the Language Poets).
Lamarck poses the question of the apprehensibility of human history in the context of the "dark abyss of time" in his Hydrogeologie (1802) when he writes:
The case of the Miracle at Chonai worked by the archangel Michael and depictions of this event are shown as visible proof of the apprehensibility of angelic power.
On the contrary, Russell's position necessarily presupposes the hippo's apprehensibility (were it in the room, we would certainly be able to tell) and hence he can conclude positively that there is no hippo present.