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Synonyms for apprehend



Synonyms for apprehend

to take into custody as a prisoner

to perceive directly with the intellect

to be intuitively aware of

Synonyms for apprehend

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In conclusion, Bobb recommended the department explore alternatives to the use of the dogs in apprehending hidden suspects, including wider use of Clear-Out gas - a combination of pepper spray and another gas - and night vision technology.
Overall, measured in arrests per hour, a dedicated saturation patrol is the most effective method of apprehending offenders.
Sadiqabad and Westridge Police conducted separate raids in relevant areas and rounded up Usman Ali and Waseem, while apprehending 210 grams and 115 grams from their possession.
Investigators hoped that aggressive response to selected alarms at banks and supermarkets during these critical times would result in preventing burglaries or in apprehending the thieves.
However, increased interagency cooperation and more thorough police response to alarms combined with improved security systems from the private sector will aid law enforcement agencies in apprehending these professional criminals.
2 and Firdous Colony area of Karachi on Sunday, while apprehending 10 suspected persons.
SANTA CLARITA - Ten Santa Clarita teens recently spent the weekend raiding a marijuana field, apprehending crime suspects and rescuing a teacher who had been taken hostage in an elementary school.
Of course, apprehending fugitives in real life is not always as exciting or as glamorous as depicted in the movies, but it can consume a large portion of a law enforcement agency's resources.
Senior Superintendent of Police(SSP) Gulberg Faisal Noor said that police conducted an operation on a tip-off and arrested Bilal Nagri who is involved in 26 murder cases while also apprehending 4 persons involved in extortion from New Karachi Industrial area.