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Synonyms for apprehend



Synonyms for apprehend

to take into custody as a prisoner

to perceive directly with the intellect

to be intuitively aware of

Synonyms for apprehend

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The purpose of frequent checkpoints is to increase public awareness and deter potential offenders, resulting in the ideal situation where very few offenders are left to apprehend.
Agencies in the Tidewater region of Virginia found that by joining forces to address the problem, they could apprehend more fugitives without draining all of their resources.
Deputizing State and local officers expands their jurisdictional reach to apprehend violent fugitives and to conduct expanded investigations.
The teams were required to work their way into the field avoiding land mines, trip wires, booby traps and snipers in an attempt to apprehend the suspects.
The State of California requires an individual to apply for a license to repossess a car, but under existing law anyone can break down doors to apprehend an alleged bail fugitive.
The evidence in this case will clearly show it was Officer Flinn's duty to apprehend Lopez, who had just committed a serious felony,'' Levin said.
Agents would be able to capture 10 finger prints from those they apprehend and compare the prints instantly with those stored in government databases.
The apprehend crew members apparently seem to be fishermen, it was further stated.