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Synonyms for apprehend



Synonyms for apprehend

to take into custody as a prisoner

to perceive directly with the intellect

to be intuitively aware of

Synonyms for apprehend

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The purpose of frequent checkpoints is to increase public awareness and deter potential offenders, resulting in the ideal situation where very few offenders are left to apprehend.
Following an informant's tip off that the 27-year-old policeman had been accepting kickbacks to apprehend illegal residents wishing to be deported, according to a police lieutenant's statement, police cooperated with the Bangladeshi worker to apprehend the suspected policeman in a sting operation.
To help police agencies, the agents discussed specific response tactics and strategies that other departments had used to successfully apprehend YACS burglars.
Agencies in the Tidewater region of Virginia found that by joining forces to address the problem, they could apprehend more fugitives without draining all of their resources.