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a person who is fully aware of something and understands it

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An appreciator of the statue is to imagine seeing (or otherwise experiencing) a soldier, there where the statue is, and this activity involves a phenomenological residue not incorporated by merely imagining (de re) that the statue is a soldier.
Prudential was the first-to-market with the Income Appreciator Benefit, as the innovative enhancement was first offered in January 2003 within Strategic Partners Annuity One (SPAO 3), also issued by Pruco Life Insurance Company (in NY issued by Pruco Life of New Jersey).
Even if they aren't 'ugly,' they too are aching to love and be loved-and, to them, the program says: never lose heart, your innate lovability will eventually attract and find its intended appreciator.
As a Frank Sinatra appreciator (that is what I believe fans of Frank Sinatra were called in the Sixties) I thought that Andy's Soliloquy, My boy Bill, was beautiful, his phrasing being reminiscent of Frank's style.
Somehow we've twisted the value of modesty into a mandate to self-flagellate, or worse--to accuse our appreciator of being an idiot.
Bold, direct, and devoted to the growth of American literature," Neal was an early appreciator, Kopley argues, of both Hawthorne and Poe, and both authors clearly saw him as a force to be reckoned with: Poe dedicated to him "Tamerlane," and Hawthorne, perhaps less enthusiastically, and likely more ambivalently, in "The Hall of Fantasy" refers to Neal's "rampant muse [who] belches wildfire.
Even a barely musically literate person such as myself can be a grand appreciator.
Luckily, journalist and girl power appreciator Suzanne Virdee has written
What's it like: First things first -- if you're a lover and a true appreciator of a cooked-to-perfection steak -- visiting Lexington Grill is a must.
Although the experience of natural beauty occurs within the human being as its privileged observer the human appreciator of natural beauty is herself within the natural world, and her aesthetic perspective unifies her knowledge, sensibility and practice regarding that wider interconnected world.
vii) but equally at the side of the passionate amateur musician or individual appreciator of the string tradition.
Asked how he would describe Ethan, Hartnett laughs and says: "He's a great appreciator of the female form.
And it made its author -- producer, actor, studio head, female appreciator, Bob Evans, more famous than he'd already been for most of his life.