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a person who is fully aware of something and understands it

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When developing his views on environment and aesthetic experience, Berleant has a habit of contrasting his engagement model to a position he terms 'the traditional' view of environment appreciation by which he refers to a conception in which the relationship between the appreciator and environment is conceived in terms of a detached subject contemplating a stable and framed object.
A man of eclectic tastes, who prided himself as a great appreciator of things, there is one place where Cooper's disparate interests can best be seen--in his home, the Sconce.
So as an actor, you are also an appreciator of him, and you try to take a lot of inspiration from him," he added.
Commenting on the event, Minister of Information Abdul Aziz Khoja expressed thanks and appreciator to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah for his patronage of the show.
The winning appreciator of culinary excellence paid AED 150,000 to have the privilege of welcoming Izu Ani, head chef of La Petite Maison in DIFC into their home.
Many artists that become household names in the UK, go unheard of and unnoticed in the States and, with the help of Jade's insightful and knowledgeable information, I've become a great fan and appreciator of not only many new, unsigned artists in Liverpool, but now am familiar with the city itself.
Ten words that put together transformed me, like a magic spell, from a generally optimistic appreciator of yellow roses and pink marshmallows into a slightly creepy oddball who likes lying on top of gravestones.
But I can still be a language creation art appreciator, which itself takes a certain amount of work and background knowledge" (290).
He was always amused and fascinated by female femaleness, I think, a real woman appreciator.
A longtime active member of Fairchild Tropical Garden in Coral Gables (she won its famed International Mango Festival cook-off three years in a row in the condiments, appetizers and entrees categories), Joy was originally the avid gardener and Jim was the appreciator.
Thus seeing more in Humphrey's project than an effort to imitate the seigniorial libraries in Italy and treating him as being more than an influential appreciator of humanism, Summit demonstrates how his commissioning of a monk from Bury St.
If I am a hearty appreciator of Krissy's turns, Lachman is a heartier appreciator of the laps of Mila Minute, an obscenely fast former Junior Olympic figure skater.
The wine helped to entice others to these informal discussions such as the late Barry Gordon, himself a loyal appreciator of Hunter Valley reds.