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warm friendly feelings of gratitude

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Promotion of good dispositions such as affinity, appreciativeness, adaptability, even-temperedness, and so forth seem to be intended here, and maybe we would see evidence of more temporal meliorating virtues if we perused the Eihei Shingi further--but that task is outside the scope of this article.
On the three-day trip, you heard guys calling the others "fellas." You heard a fella refer to something "as common as bilge water." And you saw and heard a certain appreciativeness - a humility - that, in an increasingly me-first culture, is no longer as common as bilge water.
Ramadan would bring a wealth of wondrous dishes and feelings of gratitude and appreciativeness while Diwali, the Indian festival of lights and perhaps the most beautiful of Indian festivals celebrating the triumph of good over evil, would cheerfully come with handfuls of sweet treats like Jalebi pre-soaked in syrup, a distant sister of the Egyptian "meshabek," both sticky chewy swirly delicacies.
They also interacted with an experimenter, who rated their social tension, evidenced by their displays of agitation, anxiety, and appreciativeness.
Most would say it's morally desirable to treat other people with humility and appreciativeness, for example, but someone who falls short of that ideal is not therefore doing something impermissible.
He compares their situations to those in Third World countries, hoping to awaken a sense of appreciativeness.