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To have moved, to have heard his step again, was appreciably a help; though even in recognising this he lingered once more a little by the chimney-piece on which his light had rested.
After an interval of suspense--the like of which I hope to God I shall never feel again--there came a day when the rapidity of the pulse slightly, but appreciably, diminished; and, better still, there came also a change in the beat--an unmistakable change to steadiness and strength.
output to appreciably erode the global surplus, prices would need to range in the low $40s or less for several months.
Receiving these results does not appreciably drive up or diminish test recipientsa[euro](tm) demand for potentially costly follow-up health services, according to a study performed by researchers at the National Institutes of Health and colleagues at other institutions.
The day temperature rose appreciably in Meerut, Moradabad and Allahabad divisions, rose in Gorakhpur division, fell appreciably in Agra division and changed little in the remaining divisions.
Summary: Works of the Tunisian-Italian project of the construction of hillside dams and development of their outfalls in the region of Sfax have progressed appreciably, reaching a completion rate estimated at 70%.
This unit is said to be invaluable in rubber processing, as it is said to vastly reduce rubber dissolving time, cuts processing time and appreciably reduces costs.
Energy prices that have been rising appreciably have helped churn a great deal of money into both traditional and alternative energy exploration.
858 million per day, have not changed appreciably since reaching a peak in 2000," ACMG Project Director Robert Dahl said.
may give rise to a covered Loss, provided, however, that the 120-day deadline for performance will be extended to the benefit of the defaulting party and to the detriment of the non-defaulting party for so long as the non-defaulting party is not appreciably prejudiced thereby.
Since then, interracial adoptions in Los Angeles County have increased appreciably, but not without some resistance.
Both the capital costs of the system and running and maintenance costs for occupiers are appreciably lower than more conventional radiator based heating.
162-4, the costs of incidental repairs that neither materially add to a property's value nor appreciably prolong its life, but keep it in an ordinarily efficient operating condition, may be deducted currently as an expense.
The sensibility of her art hasn't appreciably changed but its reception has, with one critic in 2000 going so far as to say that Lawler's photos are "a critique of nothing but ugliness.
In contrast, the ground squirrel tails didn't warm appreciably during similar taunting of a gopher snake.