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Synonyms for appreciable

Synonyms for appreciable

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enough to be estimated or measured

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the betterment of the people particularly the people of far-flung areas are appreciable.
The corporate tax rate has been reduced to 25 percent for MSMEs which is highly appreciable as it was the need of the hour.
The centres so established and gradually being added are providing good services to the people which is quite appreciable indeed.
As many as 759 packs are operational and their membership is 12 lakh and it is also appreciable that hundred percent villages are covered under these packs.
Asghar Khan added that it was very appreciable that district administration decided to do so in the better interest of the masses.
4% of respondents referred to humanitarian assistance when asked to name the most appreciable assistance of Russia.
Though the statements made are not appreciable, we are not inclined to entertain the petition," the bench said.
It intends to take into account the recent evolution in the EU Court of Justice's case law, particularly the Expedia case, which established that a restriction with anaanti-competitive object constitutes, by its very nature, an appreciable restriction of competition.
But Judge James Pyke, who remanded Huxtable in custody, warned: "It would be very wrong of the defendant to be anticipating anything other than an appreciable period of custody.
The threatened opposition has yet to materialise, if indeed it exists to any appreciable degree, and more people are doing what nature intended: breathing clean air and enjoying it.
For those drinking three cups a day, coffee could contribute up to 10 percent of their average daily soluble fiber intake as well as appreciable amounts of health-protective antioxidants.
I don't think it's anything that's going to be extended to where he's going to miss any appreciable time of the season," Scioscia said.
The Chancellor's tax and spend policies will ensure an increasing financial burden on families, with no appreciable improvement in living standards.
As it stands, we wouldn't expect any appreciable change in our employment," Barrett said.
Furthermore, there has been an appreciable increase in interest and awareness among political science instructors regarding teaching techniques, curricular development, and pedagogical innovation in general.