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exercising or involving careful evaluations


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Practical Applications in Appraising Green Commercial Properties is based on AI's new book, The Valuation of Green Commercial Real Estate, and uses case studies to introduce participants to valuation problems often encountered when appraising green commercial buildings, conventional buildings with green features, and conventional buildings in today's markets that are increasingly influenced by sustainability and green building.
It pairs clear photos with case studies and information about the appraising process, considering the appraiser's work, value approach methods, instructions of creating jewelry descriptions, and research and data that lend to a model of appraisal that readers can use in the process of creating their own appraisal documents.
A Guide to Appraising Automobile Dealerships will prove useful to commercial real estate appraisers who wish to perform valuation assignments relating to these unique properties and to designers, developers, investors, and operators of auto dealerships.
Because no two properties were identical back then, it took a person with considerable experience who was skilled in the art of appraising to assess the differences and to determine a value.
Following on the heels of its successful past certificate programs, the Appraisal Institute is launching Appraising Historic Preservation Easements October 1-3 in Chicago.
The New Medicines Group is appraising up to 32 drugs a year and the New Cancer Drugs Advisory Group is working hard to scan the horizon for cancer drugs due to be licensed so that they can be appraised quickly.
Since there are currently no specific certifications for appraising facade preservation easements, property owners are encouraged to do their own careful research before engaging an appraiser.
And because it is a just value even after the legal appraisal, appraising them [the coins in order to exchange them for coins from other places] would be to the disadvantage of kingdoms and republics, whose merchandise would start going scarce due to this [appraisal].
Because patents often are quite complex, appraising one usually is a highly detailed and expensive process that requires the input of lawyers and advisers with specific technical knowledge and experience.
He was surprised, however, that no one who attended the Santa Clarita event brought in the item he often sees when appraising in California.
This may be difficult to come by with more than one assessor doing the appraising of each portfolio.
So, just how do you go about appraising material, and how do you find someone you can trust?
Intended for classroom use with senior high school students, the 50 item Test on Appraising Observations is based on a comprehensive set of principles modified from Robert Ennes' conception of good observation appraisal.
Critically Appraising Quasi-Experiments: Nonequivalent Comparison Groups Designs