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Synonyms for appraiser

one who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things


one who determines authenticity (as of works of art) or who guarantees validity

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All three organizations strongly urge the public to verify the educational and experiential background of an appraiser prior to retaining their services, and to be wary of red flags that indicate an appraiser may not be objective in conducting appraisals.
And consumers can find out whether an appraiser licensed by the state has been disciplined.
This report examines (1) how HUD ensures that appraisers it approves are qualified to perform FHA appraisals, (2) the extent to which HUD employs a risk-based monitoring approach, and (3) HUD's efforts to take enforcement action against noncompliant appraisers.
The appraiser drives out to inspect the vehicle, which could be at the customer's home, office, body shop or elsewhere.
Since fair value is subject to interpretation and is typically encountered in litigation matters, the appraiser may receive contradictory explanations of its meaning.
With adequate training, a property manager may be able to conduct the feasibility analysis or the owner and manager may prefer to hire an appraiser to conduct a formal analysis.
If one appraiser values on the basis of continued use, and a second assumes liquidation, of course the answers will differ.
The program would convert all expense amounts into percentages of sales, gross profit or any other variable the appraiser considers relevant, and print a report showing the trend of any expense account in relation to a defined baseline account.
At the federal level, Title XI required that the federal financial institutions regulatory agencies issue regulations that prescribe appropriate appraisal standards for those real estate-related transactions that would require the services of a licensed or certified appraiser under the statute and, therefore, are federally related.
The term used to designate a licensed real estate appraiser in many states is "Certified General Appraiser.
When the appraiser declined to set market value "out of context," EPIC officials struck him from the list and turned to someone else.
Bradford Technologies is encouraging lenders, credit unions, regional banks, appraisal management companies, lawyers, Realtors and homeowners to use the AppraisalWorld Directory to select the most experienced appraiser for their appraisal needs.
Sullivan, MAI, SRA, AI-GRS, a senior commercial review appraiser who works in the Denver office of Bank of the West.
56 percent gap between appraiser and homeowner opinions, Home Value Index reports 0.
Understandably, when the value is not what is expected or perceived to be and the loan doesn't go through, usually it is the appraiser who has to take the blame.