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Synonyms for appraiser

one who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things


one who determines authenticity (as of works of art) or who guarantees validity

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Richard Houlihan, CPA, ASA, is an accredited senior appraiser with the firm of Houlihan, Dorton, Jones, Nicolatus & Stuart.
If the appraiser is on target, bankers know the value of the property will be enough to cover the loan in the event the borrower stops paying.
Peter Pensotti, Operations Manager at ZDS, noted "the CompCruncher application is an extremely powerful tool that allows the appraiser to analyze and interpret data like never before.
As to the first issue, Graham's appraiser hired an independent contractor appraiser to inspect and photograph the interior of the property.
Mark Smeltzer: This is a very significant change for appraisers and mortgagees who work with the Federal Housing Administration.
Those issues generally include appraiser pressure (often applied via blacklisting or non-payment for services rendered), fee transparency (burying appraiser fees inside the AMC markup on closing documents, and AMCs barring appraisers from including the original invoice in an appraisal seen by the consumer), and of course payment of "customary and reasonable" fees (as originally required by Dodd-Frank, but diluted immeasurably by the Fed's decision to read it as "customary or reasonable" instead).
While appraisers are losing their traditional assignments to BPOs, APOs have swept into the market to further encroach on traditional appraisal work--albeit this time with the intention of helping the appraiser gain valuation assignments.
There are three vacancies on the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB), with two incumbents eligible for reappointment.
and help a worthy cause at the same time,'' said appraiser Jennifer Thornton-Davis.
With a wireless claims system, the insurance company can send all pertinent data to the mobile appraiser nearest the accident.
According to a projects leader for the IRS Employee Plans Technical and Actuarial Division, a firm will be treated as an independent appraiser (under Sec.
In addition, the taxpayer must obtain a qualified appraisal made by a qualified appraiser and attach an appraisal summary to his or her tax return.
Bradford Technologies is encouraging lenders, credit unions, regional banks, appraisal management companies, lawyers, Realtors and homeowners to use the AppraisalWorld Directory to select the most experienced appraiser for their appraisal needs.
However, most courts agree that an expert witness, such as an appraiser, can be sued by his or her own client.
Prior to the scheduled jury trial to determine final just compensation, IDOT and Raphael both filed motions seeking to bar each other's appraiser from testifying.