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the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

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5) In the analysis above, we assumed that only sellers have perfect knowledge and appraise the underlying market conditions, while buyers make their purchases without engaging in any appraisement.
The appraisements were furthermore used for training and classification purposes by labeling the extracted feature information in respect to the evaluated exercises.
81) If a couple disagreed with the results of the medical examination, they could apply for a "medical technical appraisement" and try to obtain a "certificate of medical appraisement, which would enable them to register the marriage".
The preferred and most common method of appraisement under the statute is transaction value, which is defined as the "price actually paid or payable for the merchandise when sold for exportation to the United States," plus certain statutory additions that must be included in customs value.
A Final Word: Calculation, Knowledge and Appraisement.
In an article called "New Humanities for Old," Felix Schelling exhorts readers of the Phi Beta Kappa journal to return the humanities to their rightful place: one of "splendid isolation from the possibility of measurement and appraisement by utilitarian standards" (184).
Importantly, this process of appraisement and calculation is not a mechanical extrapolation from the current state of the market.
Accepting this statement as starting point, it can be demonstrated that geological, geophysical, geochemical, and in general all geospatial information, may be conceived as an objective tool for block appraisement.
He has associated with him in the making of the appraisal an appraiser who has had experience in the valuation of the type of property under appraisement, or
In determining the ethical permissibility of using human gene transfer or engineering, the intended purpose plays a crucial role in the procedure's classification and appraisement.
If we think of science as generating warranted knowledge in the form of definitions, theories, and empirical findings about reality, that knowledge is a snapshot of a mutable structure resulting from an ongoing process of appraisement and absorption of the individual contributions of past and current scientists.
99) A court may waive the requirement to file an inventory and appraisement if "it appears that none of the heirs, devisees, legatees, or creditors will be prejudiced by such waiver.
For, as Judge Cardozo put it, judgemade law is one of the existing realities of life and, he continued, the "choice of methods, the appraisement of values, must in the end be guided by like considerations for the [judge] as for the [legislator].
The court gave five reasons for rejecting the defendants contention that only identical products could be compared, (1) the customs decisions relied upon by the defendant did not support this contention, (2) defendants' construction of the phrase required a departure from the ordinary meaning of "such", (3) the customs decisions that the defendants rely on for a definition of the word "such" does not support he same construction in 1916 cases, (4) the defendants' construction of "such" would exempt non-identical goods from price discrimination laws that would not ordinarily be exempted in domestic laws and (5) the defendants' construction was contrary to customs appraisement standards of contemporary law.