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the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

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Amjad-ur-Rehman, Customs Collector Appraisement Lahore held a meeting on Friday at Mughal Pura Dryport which was participated by the all additional collectors and deputy collectors.
According to facts given through Customs Appraisement South, the import of motor cars in terms of value grew by 19.4 percent in FY2014-15.
The key to this process is what Mises (1966, p.332) calls "appraisement." The entrepreneur must anticipate what the prices of the future will be, and this means appraising the possible actions of others and the conditions of the market to better anticipate those prices than do other entrepreneurs.
trading partners-including the European Union and New Zealand--rely on the first sale approach and that use of "first sale" as a viable appraisement tool has consistently been upheld under numerous decisions issued by the U.S.
If land was to be taken by the federal government, state mandated procedures would have to be adhered to, including a requirement that all charges related to the appraisement proceeding by paid by the United States.
(47) Holburne Archive, Inventory and Appraisement of Household Furniture, 1874, Very little furniture was kept for Museum display, the rest being disposed of by auction in 1886.
Appraisers and assessors can also utilize derivatives of these methods or approaches, (depending upon the scope and purpose of appraisal) for the type of property under appraisement.
Scanlon, J.J., et al, "Importation of Merchandise into the United States - Appraisement; Use of Tariff Sections 9801.00.10, 9801.00.40, 9802.00.50, 9801.00.60 and 9802.00.80; Generalized System of Preferences," a pamphlet of Kemp, Smith, Duncan & Hammond, Attorneys at Law (June 17, 1990).
According to a statement issued here on Saturday, Mr Sarhadi expressed these views while heading a delegation in a meeting with collector customs (appraisement) Ihsan Ali Shah here the other day.
The programme continued only for three years and was subsequently discontinued resulting in poorly-trained officers who lacked intrusive audit and appraisement techniques, artificial intelligence (IA) and understanding of businesses in the evolving technological and globalised environment.
Later on, the appraisement Collectorate Customs House Karachi released the vehicle without duty and taxes on 12/12/2014.
Since the second calculation debate made apparent Mises's achievement in providing a truly general theory of economics, the causal-realist approach has been advancing on several fronts To mention just a few: business cycle theory has been refined (Salerno, 2012); the theory of entrepreneurship and organizational theory has been developed (Klein, 2010); the theory of cost has been reconsidered (McCaffrey, 2018); the theory of interest has been further considered (Herbener, 2011); and Mises's concept of entrepreneurial appraisement has been extended (Herbener and Rapp, 2016).
128 cases of illegally imported Pharmaceutical Raw Materials with fake endorsement of DRAP have been forwarded to NAB, FIA and Collectorate of Customs Appraisement for cognizance under the law.
KAPE-PP-110750 on Dec 21, 2017 from MCC Appraisement (East), Karachi filed in the name of a Privileged Person with declared description as 'Household goods/personal effect', the press release said.