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the act or result of judging the worth or value of something or someone

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The Collector Customs Appraisement West constituted a raiding party headed by Deputy Collector, RandD, Imran Rasool which kept the suspicious containers under watch and lastly seized the same in the presence of officials of intelligence and other security agencies.
Mises defines appraisement as "the anticipation of an expected fact," specifically of "what prices will be paid on the market for a particular commodity or what amount of money will be required for the purchase of a definite commodity" (Mises, 1998 [1949], p.
Moreover, the world situation was "of such enormous complexity that the very mass of facts presented to the public by press and radio make it exceedingly difficult for the man in the street to reach a clear appraisement of the situation".
China Techenergy Co introduced its latest technologies such as the self-diagnosis used in the FirmSys and shared experience in equipment manufacturing, international appraisement, project management and application in engineering.
In order to facilitate trade and secure government's legitimate revenue, MCC Appraisement East has recommended certain changes in Customs Rules and several SROs in their proposals for the Federal Budget 2017-18.
There are four elements that allow conceptualizing an emotion: (1) Event, which could be internal, such as a previous emotional state or a change in reality's perception or an external event that is an abnormal occurrence perceived by the senses; (2) Appraisement, when the subject measures the relevance and utility of the event, as affecting the individual, and the resources to face it (3) The answer, which has three components: the physiological component, which are involuntary biological answers that are impossible to control; the behavioral component, which is associated with the memory of previous events and the human-learning process, i.
The minister pointed out that they do not have any mechanism to determine the value of scrape vehicles For scrape cars we dont have any formula of appraisement, however, we (the committee members) set the price according to condition of car It at the discretion of the committee members whatever price they set for a vehicles without any calculation
Appraisement of Bangladeshi Medicinal Plants Used by the Folk Medicine Practitioners for Antineoplastic Properties.
This information is required for the classification and appraisement of the merchandise, the verification of statistical information, and the determination of compliance with law.
The key parameters of oil shale resource appraisement and its evaluating methods.
An appraisement award is the result of a contractual method of ascertaining the amount of loss, and it is binding on the parties as to the amount of loss unless the award is set aside.
As regards, the question that proposed is how do the Meta search and search engines perform in medical images retrieval and whether they lead users to their results Therefore, it requires careful appraisement to use of the web as an important source of health information and may not relay on traditional standards of quality and control that is used to evaluate web [14].
Sydnor Belfield and John Belfield, "Inventory and Appraisement of the Personal Estate of Robert Mitchell decd.