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relating to or being in apposition


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When a second marker or another reinforcing element is added, the distance between the anchor and the appositive is bigger, and this can be used by the speaker as a strategy "to prepare the addressee better for the expository part of the apposition or to stress the importance of the second unit" (Pahta and Nevanlinna 2001: 23).
appositive compounds and hyponym-superordinate compounds from the set of dvandvas.
As Dillon (1978: 99) explained, "a writer may essentially develop his thinking about something through a string of appositives .
Appositives embody the traditional notion of the parenthetical insertion as an extraneous and easily removable addition to an already coherent expression, as by grammatical rule such expressions can be removed without making the remaining sentence a fragment.
Grammatically, the first four types tend to be nouns and usually function as subjects, predicate nominatives, and appositives.
Others such as [63] relied on structures such as appositives and compound nouns.
The key to the above treatment of appositives is that I have one husband and one dog; the identifications "Paul" and "Pompi" are not essential to the sentence's meaning but add parenthetical information.
The subjects of these essays require accompanying appositives and parenthetical phrases, whereas Woolf doesn't even require a first name, and this is precisely the phenomenon Cucullu addresses: the "structures [that] operate by producing specialists who suppress others as less knowledgeable and who selectively credentialize others to sustain, extend, and reproduce their expertise" (174).
The poem is an address to Christ's heart, "O holy auricles, venerable ventricles;' and features a list of musical and alliterative appositives, reminding us of yet another great master of Christian poetry, Gerard Manley Hopkins.
The participant remarked, "[The teacher] is doing English, so we did appositives the other day.
Whenever I could achieve exact translation, even when it meant retaining long sentences with several appositives, I did so, as long as I believed it would not compromise clarity" (iv).
Bogacki, Krzysztof 1973: Types de constructions appositives en francais.
Actual models of word choices, descriptions, phrases and appositives were distributed to participants for their selection and use according to the learning needs of their students.
Further modification might add subordinate clauses, appositives, or the like.
they can serve as subject, object, appositives, etc.