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relating to or being in apposition


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1), Ingrian Finnish IA-constructions are found with appositive relative clauses.
This particular appositive begins with a conjunction characterized by a history of creative and innovative uses.
Elsewhere, Larijani voiced pleasure in the "growing trend" of Iran-Italy "deeply rooted" ties, and said the two nations have kept their profound cultural and trade relations from the past and due to the same fact "Iranians view the Italian people and their culture through appositive outlook".
MUSCAT Eoe1/4" The Sultanate of Oman started off on appositive not at ITF under13 West Asian championships taking place in Amman, Jordan.
Certainly, the de liberate appositive he employs to name his "mistress, the Marchioness de Justiz," (47) is a conscious rhetorical move designed to provoke the reader to consider the injustice of her legal right to supplant his biological mother.
The syntax of appositive relativization: On specifying coordination, false free relatives, and promotion.
The identical rhymes that break out in the final stanza (again, again, again, again) drive home the point of the child's importance as a symbol, an arbitrary and appositive sign that stands in for something, reproduces it, in contradistinction to any actual children, whose historical and personal specificity--not to mention gender as a girl or boy--might make identical rhyme tantamount to a form of reification.
29% of cells in 45-60% Percoll layer were AP-positive (Figure 1) while less than 18% of cells were APpositive in all other layers.
The return on assets has appositive relationship with the MFI's technical efficiency but is not significantly affecting it.
The sharp contrast between Keela and her white female counterpart is confirmed also by the appositive "the Outcast Indian Maiden," which signals that her own ethnic group, symbolic of "uncivilized" humanity to the Western mind even after passing of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, considers her behavior to be unacceptably transgressive.
Ideas are often densely expressed in one sentence packed with relative clauses, inserted adverbial clauses/phrases, or appositive phrases.
Rispetto all'Allegria, si realizza la conversione metaforica, con l'introduzione (o, almeno, la straordinaria espansione) della tipologia figurale delle metafore (e delle catene) appositive definite da Gutia "immagini giustapposte" (77-88; e con la limitazione o l'esaurimento delle figure piu frequenti dell'Allegria: le metafore prepositive e le similitudini (22)).
First, it is argued that designators of the form "the property of being F" are definite descriptions, but descriptions of a special kind: they are appositive constructions such as "the poet Burns.
Anne's Church"), objective genitive ("the bishop's resignation"), and appositive genitive ("the title of vicar general"), which is periphrastic in form.