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relating to or being in apposition


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With appositional closure, the angle will open and the iris will fall back away from the cornea, whereas with synechial closure, the iris remains stuck to the cornea and the angle will not open.
None of the patients in group 2 demonstrated any significant postsurgical mandibular growth, except for expected appositional growth at pogonion.
By this metaphor, every number in this hidden bright painting, not the austere drawing it seems to he, has color, a positive place, appositional to all the others, and in an actually very complex number-set rhythm.
The third goal complements RG 2 and represents the appositional aspect of heuristic model.
In young patients, appositional growth is more pronounced than in elderly.
While the arguments girili in (24) and boojabij in (25) are cross-referenced on the verb, the adverbial nglianggoowa in (24) and the appositional complex of adpositional phrase and temporal adverbial in (25) are not.
The functional classes include subject, object, antecedent, qualificative/qualifier, introductory member, complement, descriptive, predicate, head member and appositional member and coordinate member (Kruger, 2006).
negotiating these appositional oppressive experiences.
Acute radiation skin toxicity is more problematic where there is appositional skin (e.
If you went after President Bush and if you were ferocious as we were on the Donahue show during the run-up to the Iraq war, if you were doing sort of appositional journalism and presenting voices that were informed, well, that gets you into trouble.
In one Newsweek article about NSA wiretapping, five appositional disclaimers were cited to describe some of the characters: He who declined to be named talking about the former director, He who didn't want to be named talking about internal matters, He who asked not to be named because of the matter's sensitivity, He who would not be named talking about agency procedures, He who wouldn't speak about internal matters on the record.
From this point, Picasso rushes without punctuation or pause into a series of short staccato sentences that gradually pick up a train of relative clauses and appositional phrases, bearing an increasing load of more fantastically depicted images of bulls and horses, swallows and blackbirds, armadas and mirrors, randy girls, and nuns, jack-knives, and grenades--images of winning and losing, of being constrained, wounded, suffering and breaking free--this goes on for nearly twenty pages of what Rothenberg refers to as "wall to wall poetry.
35) observed discordance between the measurements of S-OC and urinary excretion of its breakdown product (Gla) in patients with Paget disease, which is characterized by high bone turnover with an increased number and appositional rate of osteoblasts seen in the affected sites with no net bone loss (36).
Equality rights have been since 1985 in Canada a constitutional entitlement, and although described in the compound main clause of Subsection 15(1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms as "individual" rights ("Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection of the law, without discrimination"), have become also group rights through judicial interpretation of the long appositional phrase attached to it ("and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age or mental or physical disability").
He has severe congenital malformations of both hands--he was born without thumbs--and had finger-repositioning reconstructive surgery when young to create an appositional thumb on one hand (the procedure failed on the other hand because of gangrene).