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relating to or being in apposition


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The main function of namely in PDE is that of an appositional marker of equivalence meaning 'that is to say' (cf.
The propositional function of the brain is naturally "conceptual," whereas the appositional is "perceptual.
He considers "there are descriptive compounds in which the modifier is used in attributive appositional or adverbial manner and there are also determinative compounds in which one is not an attribute to the other; it is rather related to the other in a way corresponding to one of its grammatical cases.
According to Zentella, the category appositions and/or apposition bracket occurs when '[t]he code-switch marks the introduction of an appositional phrase that adds subject specification, and/or the bracket that return to the subject' (1997:96).
208) Significantly, these images typically evoked a now obsolete Cold War masculinity whose assertion of normality derived, not from widespread social investment, but from an appositional stance towards the burgeoning counterculture--an opposition to opposition, so to speak.
Mandibular growth in acromegaly results from both appositional growth and hypertrophic changes in the condylar cartilage.
Cystotomy closure: a comprison of the strength of appositional and inverting suture patterns.
In the 1598 edition, the first line's appositional phrase, 'detested as he is', clearly refers to Gaveston, the referent of the opening pronoun 'he'.
Scanned on page, they can appear convoluted and precariously overbuilt, dependent clauses at elbows with appositional phrases and other grammatical colourings.
The two contentive categories in (14) are in an appositional relation: the verb-headed configuration provides an identificatory description of the otherwise minimally contentful noun.
This piece of research advances that Woolfian parallelism is defined by an abundance of antithetical and synonymous lexical bundles, juxtaposed propositional phrases, -ing participles and appositional structures.
It has been suggested that this type of EH results from an interference in the usual ameloblastic activity during the appositional phase of enamel development; this hindrance in turn results in an area of disturbed matrix formation (5).
Thus, innovative bisociation--across the spectrum of humor, science, and art--resides in appositional and integrative cognizance, as discussed with ethical gravity in Koestler's chapter "The Night Journey--or the Meeting of the Tragic and Trivial Planes.
Appositional growth by deposition of matrix produced by osteoblasts and resorption of matrix by osteoclasts in order to increase the width of the bone, while at the same time maintaining a medullary cavity for bone marrow to reside in, and