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Synonyms for apposition

a grammatical relation between a word and a noun phrase that follows

(biology) growth in the thickness of a cell wall by the deposit of successive layers of material

the act of positioning close together (or side by side)

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Radiographs after surgery of the right tibiotarsus of the goose described in Figure 1 in (A) mediolateral and (B) craniocaudal projections showing good apposition and alignment of the fracture (white arrow) and correct positioning of the implant.
In these studies, a cube of the alveolar bone near the root was extracted as a ROI to evaluate bone resorption and apposition. Although this method is straightforward, the calculation is affected by the relatively arbitrary nature of ROI selection, especially in in vivo studies.
The perikymata, although structures dependent on the apposition of the enamel described in many scientific texts and publications, are not found among the enamel-dependent histological terms published in the Terminologia Histologica or the terms dependent on the tooth in the Terminologia Anatomica (FCAT), and is also used indistinctly and erroneously as a synonym for the imbrication lines (Chiego; Risnes, 1984); the latter is another omitted term.
3A and 3B) showed good repositioning of the flap and edge to edge apposition at 2 weeks after operation.
The importance of the apposition of the submucosal intestinal layers for primary wound healing of intestinal anastomosis.
According to Furrer's comments about Lotofagos I, it is all about a lateral apposition of sounds.
Angle closure "glaucoma" is not a single entity, but a cluster of clinical entities leading to iris apposition to trabecular meshwork.
The other artery was unblocked using three absorbable stents and the procedure was done with the help of the latest radiology procedure called optical coherence tomography (OCT) which allowed the cardiologists to get absolute detailed information about the dissection, stent apposition etc.
The apposition of such a program to the suite of ten Reverse Portraits in this exhibition is itself both obvious and not.
In traction zones of ligament, bony apposition is started, and it is much slower.
Ben Inker, co-head of GMO's firm's asset allocation team, agrees with Montier's critique that stocks are overvalued today--GMO is "taking out apposition that both stocks and bonds are overvalued," writes Inker--and that the ERP framework is flawed, but he says it's dangerous for investors "ignore the low yield on cash."
Mineral apposition rate and bone implant contact are found to be relevant and was studied by Schliephake et al, and Guedes e Silva et al [6,7].
"Invibio's Peek-Optima HA Enhanced has been compounded with hydroxyapatite (HA), an osteoconductive material, to enhance bone apposition. The integration of two proven Invibio biomaterials combined with cutting-edge designs and the largest range of footprints in the market is truly a game changer.
Despite the recent GST setbacks in the Lok Sabha, India has the most pro-growth, pro-business regime since the Partition, with the populist Congress barely an apposition force with 42 seats.