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Synonyms for apposite

Synonyms for apposite

related to the matter at hand

Synonyms for apposite

being of striking appropriateness and pertinence


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Although the final phrase obviously echoes in the final section of Head's novel When Rain Clouds Gather (1968), I would suggest that it resonates particularly with her short stories in The Collector of Treasures (1977a), her collection appositely subtitled "And Other Botswana Village Tales".
Lyman's response to Camus's tale of the "acedic French clerk Meursault" appositely indicates, "even [the representation of a character] indifferent even to his own indifference" can somehow be stimulating, though to ethically deadly effect (1989, 40).
When the men reconvene in a strangely futuristic boardroom (whose swirling orange sky-background mural alternately suggests crepuscular loss or apocalyptic finitude), and Dunne deceives Rick with a duplicitous tale about his distracting exchange with the redhead (De Palma provides an appositely mendacious flashback), Rick assures him both that he's human because he "got a boner" and that he is Dunne's best friend.
discovery narrative), and complemented by appositely selected illustrations.
Such an awareness may be found at least implicitly even in the rigorously thoughtful, if often unsympathetic and not always appositely informed, editing of Milton by Richard Bentley.
Her virtues are a rigorous attending to verbal structure and texture; the ability to quote appositely and economically; a sure though not too exclusive taste; above all, the ability to do the poem one better by putting into words the relevant responses we might have had if we'd been smarter or more feeling.
Even so it is packed with facts and judgements and helps to explain the frequent blandness of Musorgsky's post-Boris musical language, starting with Khovanshchina, whose themes Taruskin appositely calls "curiously impersonal.
It's a maxim that appositely encapsulates the fact that motorsport's glitterati annually descend on the five-year-old venue for the Formula One Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
THE photo of the old Snow Hill station, opened in 1852,and which along with New Street station provided Birmingham with two main line stations, was appositely described as a "cracker" (From Our Archives, Mail, March 27).
As she does so, the sound of an ambulance siren is audible, quite appositely too as one of the courageous riders, Annette Lynton Mason, is not long after carted off to hospital having parted company with her steed soon after the line.
This is not to say that we create what exists; rather, in response to what is there, but unavoidably under the sway of what Freud so appositely called "the pleasure principle" (and more fundamentally, the death drive), we selectively record and ignore data, emphasise and repress sensations, attend to or filter perceptions, and so on.
Here a 1920s Barcelona cable car, its intricate construction a monument to the defunct dream of man and machine working in perfect harmony, becomes a kind of time machine, successively populated by appositely dressed journeyers from various eras as it glides back and forth over the city's harbor.
These erotic and prosthetic qualities of voices locate "Il gioco" between Lacanian psychoanalysis and deconstruction; proclaimed at the beginning of both story and telling, this might appositely divert attention from questions of allusion to Foucault.
More appositely, Cardiff and the Welsh people provide almost half of the funding for the four Welsh forces and 6,700 officers.
She ranges with authority over the entire Abhinavabharati (and also the Locana), citing appositely passages little remarked, that both bring the thought of Abhinava into focus, and demonstrate over and over again the comprehensive view he has developed of the Natyasastra as a theatrical whole - a mahavakya - perfect and complete.