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Synonyms for apposite

Synonyms for apposite

related to the matter at hand

Synonyms for apposite

being of striking appropriateness and pertinence


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Apposite offers three separate product lines: the Linktropy Mini series of portable, low-cost emulators, the Linktropy lab series of high-precision emulators, and the Netropy series of advanced, full-featured emulators.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The previous years of the work of the House of Representatives created an atmosphere apposite to its work and legislation, therefore, there are a lot of people refuse to participate in the elections because of the failure of the government and parliament in providing security and services.
The scherzo was vigorously crisp, and the finale correctly observed both in structure and mood where even the surging violins seemed strangely apposite.
The article uses the word 'legend', a term too often bandied about but in the case of Wagstaffe it is apposite because (and I'm not a Wolves fan) the player was one of the best ever wingers.
IT was most apposite that Jeff Sizer's letter on High Speed Rail should have been published alongside mine.
Widespread derision greeted the news, which grabbed headlines around the world as an apposite example of hubris by the totalitarian government of a people who starve to death while hapless officials make repeated failed bids to fire a satellite into space.
While redundancies are inevitable and apposite in some circumstances, the compensation or route out of the service does not reflect the covenant that was agreed originally; many soldiers are be made redundant and cheated out of reaching their pension point by a few days/weeks.
Members include 3i plc, Abbott Biotech Ventures, Apposite Capital LLP, Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund GmbH, Credit Agricole Private Equity (CAPE), Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners, Index Ventures, MedImmune Ventures, Merck Serono Ventures, Sofinnova Partners, SR One (GSK), and Takeda Ventures.
Theron stars as the Evil Queen apposite Stewart as Snow White, while Hemsworth appears as the Huntsman.
It's quite apposite, really, when you consider the daily obstacle course of pavement "Maltesers" that pedestrians have to negotiate as they weave their merry way into Europe's youngest capital city.
It's pretty pointless stuff, but it struck me as being somewhat apposite in racing's current climate, for were 100 racehorse trainers to be asked what is responsible for most of the injuries to their horses, they would give you answers like treading on a stone, tweaking a tendon while racing or working, taking off after being frightened by a car or lorry or getting cast in their stable.
How apposite, then, to see Colin McCredie's DC Stuart Fraser on Sunday, in one of several new episodes filmed prior to him being given the Maryhill heave-ho by London ITV bosses this year.
WAN emulation products provider Apposite Technologies has announced it is introducing the Netropy network emulator, enabling informed decisions on application performance, infrastructure investment and network optimisation.
The phrase "a hell of a way to run a railroad" is extremely apposite regarding Bulgarian State Railways, BDZ.
It was very disappointing to read Judith Germain's rather simplistic definition of mentoring in what was otherwise a very apposite and topical article ("Why a senior manager needs a mentor", June 2008).