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place side by side or in close proximity

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Apposing has won a strong of contracts recently including one to develop a game for professional downhill mountain bike racer Steve Peat.
MOBILE software developer Apposing has launched an app for Liverpool's BT Convention Centre.
The now Beady Eye star began working with the Apposing team to as a key way of marketing the rapidly-growing business.
Apposing grew rapidly in 2010, securing deals with Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green clothing label, Chester Zoo and the Liverpool Echo Arena.
Liverpool-based Apposing began developing the app late last year and it will be released in May.
Meanwhile, Apposing has designed apps for mountain biking star Steve Peat, the Liverpool Echo arena and events in-cluding the Liverpool Biennial.
Apposing Director Dave Brown said: "We're in the business of innovation and it's more than a pleasure to be involved with a global-event which mirrors Apposing's drive and ambition.
Democracy should be about apposing policies properly explained and defended not talking in flowery language hoping that nobody cares to hold them to it.
STENTYS, a medical technology company commercializing the world's first and only self-apposing stent to treat Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), announced today the European commercial release of an enhanced stent-delivery system for its Self- Apposing stent.
The event is backed by support agency Merseyside ACME and software developer Apposing.
Dispelling the impression of obscenity by some quarters and apposing the festival, both the provincial ministers clarified that they were deadly against obscenity and holding of this mela purely aimed at promotion of tourism and cultural values in the province.
They said that PPMA is not apposing the devolution of health ministry at provincial level under 18th Amendment.
Regardless of the some of my apposing opinions, it is comforting to know that he is on the political scene, and hopefully a part of the future of Yemen.
2]0 on its tissue-side before apposing onto the proteinchip.
Other universities apposing the Bill include Southampton Institute, Bournemouth University and the University of Central Lancashire.