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place side by side or in close proximity

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For example, the checklist would be different for a canteen that cooks food apposed to a canteen that serves ready-to-eat items, said Yousif.
I don't see why some people are apposed to Black Rock assessing the Cyprus banking sector," he said.
He'll obviously find defenders a lot harder and more difficult to dictate as apposed to the Championship, but he knows that.
2GHz processor as apposed to the less capable 1GHz chip originally planned, it's the fastest Android phone we've had our hands on, with no lag or stutter even when running multiple apps.
From the 1,360 people who participated in the poll, more than half (56 percent) of the female participants admitted to pulling a sickie when not really ill, as apposed to just a third of the men.
anxiety of becoming a state apposed by the international community and
Carriers managed to increase demand by 19 percent over the same time period, as apposed to 8 percent in North America, the report continued.
The Performance at Month End announcement released on 8 June 2010 at 2:22pm under reference PRNUK-0806101419-A526 incorrectly classified the Company's holding in Stepstone Solutions as 'Services' as apposed to 'Technology & Media'.
It is worth noting that the Customer Complaint System at Dubai Customs has managed to increase the rate of the responded complaints within 7 days into 96% (as apposed to the required objective of the Executive Council which is 75%) and the resolved complaints into 94% (as apposed to the required objective of the Executive Council which is 75%).
In 2004 it broadcasted propaganda apposed to the Annan plan; now it is doing the same by promoting Eroglu," Elcil told the Cyprus Mail.
They also presented a petition signed by 600 Northboro residents who are apposed to a cell tower at the site.
Israeli Daily Newspaper Haaretz said, today, that a group of Congress men have apposed President Barrack Obama with a letter singed by them to put pressure on Israel to ease the siege of the Gaza Strip.
He added that the journalist community under the banner of the PFUJ played a pivotal rule for bringing true democracy in the country, and always apposed the dictatorial rule.
Dear Editor, When are politicians going to address the main cause of anti-social behaviour as apposed to wasting year in year out on social studies and research the likes of which Civitas has already done and revealed as far back as 2002.
Carell on the other hand brilliantly breaths his own style of laid back sense of humor as apposed to the non-stop verbal projectiles of Carrey.