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place side by side or in close proximity

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The skin edges were apposed with#2 monofilament nylon (Ethilon,Ethicon, Inc., Somerville, New Jersey 00876).
The nevus is present on two adjacent sites in such a manner as when the two are apposed together, the nevus appears as a single large naevus.1
The government apposed the petition saying he could abscond if allowed to travel abroad.
Making soup with naturally grown vegetables to enrich it with aromas, in addition to its many health benefits, will pack every bite of the meal with endless explosions of flavors as apposed to store-bought vegetable stock made of inferior products and loaded with salts and preservatives.
"This a sign that Armenia has opted for a close relationship with the EU as apposed to Russia.
However, she said, only 21 per cent of women enter the labour force in the Mena region, as apposed to 50 per cent in other regions of the world.
46.2% 40-49 and 41% 50-59 were apposed to the war since the beginning.
Speaking for Nova TV Saturday, Boncheva revealed that Kiril had never and in no way apposed this collaboration, adding all Communist State Security, DS, informers had received special training one way or the other.
For example, the checklist would be different for a canteen that cooks food apposed to a canteen that serves ready-to-eat items, said Yousif.
I don't see why some people are apposed to Black Rock assessing the Cyprus banking sector," he said.
The user then applies the glue over the apposed skin edges that were separated by a surgical incision or trauma-induced laceration.
"He'll obviously find defenders a lot harder and more difficult to dictate as apposed to the Championship, but he knows that."
Now benefiting from a dualcore 1.2GHz processor as apposed to the less capable 1GHz chip originally planned, it's the fastest Android phone we've had our hands on, with no lag or stutter even when running multiple apps.
From the 1,360 people who participated in the poll, more than half (56 percent) of the female participants admitted to pulling a sickie when not really ill, as apposed to just a third of the men.
anxiety of becoming a state apposed by the international community and