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apportioning the allowable amount of certain agricultural subsidies
The unitary business principle does not, however, authorize apportioning one entity's income with a related entity's apportionment formula.
"This suggests that the age-selective apportioning of old and potentially damaged organelles may be a way to fight stem cell exhaustion and aging," said Katajisto.
1987) --i.e., protecting the plaintiff and avoiding the potentially challenging task of apportioning fault among defendants for a single injury.
The purchaser then will be responsible for (1) determining an appropriate method of apportioning sales/use tax to those jurisdictions in which the software will be available for use and (2) remitting sales/use tax to those jurisdictions.
The Institute's tax executive committee submitted recommendations on IRS-proposed revisions to section 987 of the Internal Revenue Code that require a taxpayer to recognize exchange gain or loss--upon receiving a remittance from a qualified business unit (QBU)--by apportioning its basis in the QBU to each remittance and then recognizing exchange gain or loss based on the difference between the value of the remittance and the basis apportioned to it (
One way of apportioning taxes is to have the taxes paid only from the assets passing through the will.
The rule for apportioning electoral votes according to the number of each state's members of Congress also was anti-democratic.
The jury returned a verdict apportioning 70% fault to Dr.
The report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is noncommittal in apportioning blame for the accident and instead puts the problems down to a range of issues including a failure to engage the aircraft's reverse thrusters, sudden heavy rain, misleading flight information and pilot indecision.
The current method of apportioning seats in the House of Representatives of the United States violates the principle of one person-one vote.
would be determined by allocating and apportioning all interest expense of the worldwide affiliated group on a group-wide basis.
The IRHA is, however, more concerned with what should be done next than with apportioning the blame for the ever-increasing threat to peace in not only South Asia but the world at large.
The House and Senate have different R&D agendas, as evidenced by the way they're apportioning money in their respective budget bills.
Deducting 9.4 percent, based on the REIT analogy, is a way of apportioning out how much of the 30 percent is due to the lack of control, added Brooks.