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capable of being distributed

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To be apportionable, a claim must be for economic loss or damage to property.
It could be argued, therefore, the court in D'Amario already decided, as an unstated matter of law, that enhanced injuries have to be apportionable by their very nature.
A participating group of corporations would calculate apportionable income under the income tax rules of the Member State where the parent is resident (provided that Member State participates), including those pertaining to consolidation and cross-border offsetting of losses.
The definition of "direct tax" had to contract with the adoption of the Constitution, however, because some taxes ceased to be apportionable.
That disconnect suggests the need for a reassessment that should begin by examining the ACC conferees' recommendation to add DA as a third apportionable mission category.
383) If a taxpayer has in-state receipts, property, or payroll, then its income is apportionable to the state.
A general information letter from the state's senior council for income tax opens with the following: "Compensation paid to a nonresident athlete by a team based outside Illinois is apportionable to Illinois only if the state in which the team is based taxes a portion of the compensation of nonresident athletes paid by Illinois-based teams.
Meanwhile, courts must be sensitive t o the taking too trivial to be actionable as well as the taking which produces apportionable profits.
In applying the above formula to apportion income to a state, some states apply the unitary method to determine the extent to which a corporation's branches and affiliates are included in apportionable income and in a three-factor apportionment formula.
They deliver a fixed amount of expense that is easily apportionable amongst profit centers based upon objective criteria.
The IFTA/IRP service allows out-of-state truckers and others to purchase 72-hour permits to travel through Vermont and pay apportionable fees, and is now accessible via the Internet 24 hours a day.
4/29/15), the Oregon Tax Court ruled that the gain from the sale of stock in an unrelated business by a non-Oregon communications company met the functional test to qualify as business income and was properly subject to Oregon corporation excise (income) tax as apportionable income.
Thus, it is far from arbitrary to determine that the shares of the total $1 million value of each ship apportionable to the Port of Valdez differ.
apportionable sales in excess of the lesser of $500,000 or 25% of total sales;
Apportionable claims are defined as: (1) a claim for economic loss or property damage in non-personal injury matters for the failure to exercise reasonable care, whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise; and (2) a claim for economic loss or damage to property in an action for damages for contravention of Section 42 of the Fair Trading Act 1987 (NSW) (misleading or deceptive conduct).