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Synonyms for appoint

Synonyms for appoint

to select for an office or position

to supply what is needed for some activity or purpose

Synonyms for appoint

create and charge with a task or function


References in classic literature ?
To appoint Monsieur Baudoyer is to do honor to the virtues, the talents of the middle classes, of whom we shall ever be the supporters, though their cause seems at times a lost one.
As to La Billardiere's place, there is only one way to settle the matter; and that is to appoint Rabourdin this very day.
In Lancaster, each member of the City Council appoints a member to the planning commission.
Workers' Comp Fund Appoints New Underwriting Officers
The Nominating Committee appoints a person to chair the Committee from among its members.
Delta Dental plans Appoints President-CEO for 3 States.
GAB Robins Group Appoints Executive Vice President-CFO
Unitrin Appoints Royster President of United Insurance