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a book containing a calendar and space to keep a record of appointments

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Corn's appointment calendars for the previous eight years and all of his Independent Medical Examination (IME) reports for the same period.
That way, for example, your desktop computer can continously update data it shares with your hand-held, such as an appointment calendar.
Each year I move this joy list to the first page of a new appointment calendar.
The electronic equivalent of the oversized leather address book and appointment calendar now fits in a pocket.
And I'm supposed to keep grinding away with my appointment calendar and calculator and friend the C.
Walkabout Desktop provides full communication to the Quest as well as an Address Book, Appointment Calendar, To-do's, Voice Folders, and e-mail integration.
Rather than requiring students to book appointments for advising sessions through a secretary during this busy advising period, an appointment calendar on my office door allowed students to book appointments themselves.
The appointment calendar is booked weeks in advance; the waiting room and examination rooms are full; staff rush to and fro; stacks of medical charts, phone messages, and prescription refill requests are piled on everyone's' desks; and the doctor is an hour behind.
You can type notes by touching the appropriate keys with the pen tip, while you can write in or type important dates with the appointment calendar.
As small as a pocket radio, this device can handle word processing and spreadsheet work, plus serve as calculator, clock, appointment calendar and address directory.
Other one-stop sources might include a stationery store, where you could equip the desk of a student or office worker with small necessities: pens, pencils, pushpins, tape, clips, note pads, small stapler, appointment calendar, all-occasion greeting cards, perhaps a card-size calculator.
CloudVisit's easy set-up and user-friendly tools include an online appointment calendar, physician-controlled session pricing, automatic patient invoicing, and host of session recording and treatment note features.
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The employee's appointment calendar should also be reviewed, and critical appointments should be canceled or postponed.
There's no wallet, Social Security card, identification, appointment calendar, checkbook or tax records left.